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leap for leap year

>> Friday, February 29, 2008

the wiki article on leap years is fairly informative. apparently there are more complicated leap year traditions that are more accurate, and it is traditional that women could propose to men only on leap years (or leap year day in stricter circumstances).

anyway happy 9th birthday to all you leap-year 36-year-olds!


who's ted?

ted is going on. what started out as technology, entertainment, design (hence t.e.d.) is now a more global conference of "ideas worth spreading." they post incredible talks from incredible speakers (or, you could say, credible talks by credible speakers.) each year three people win a ted prize: $100,000 and a granted wish. one of last years winners, james nachtway's talk is great, complete with a ton of amazing photos. all of the videos (when viewed on the ted site) feature this great navigation bar in flash that lets you jump to topics in the video visually.

anyway, this year:

amory lewis turns the "eco isn't business friendly" myth on it's head. watch this talk, and don't let anyone argue why we should keep burning gas. if nothing else, watch at 9 minutes for a great jab at past engineering priorities.

his slide presentation is here.

this talk is just a slice of amazing imaging technology... it's a short 8 minutes and well worth seeing through. incredible future of the way we see digital images:

this lady is funny when she talks about dictionaries... who knew.

i was reminded ted existed today by the venerable boingboing.


sketchy? but beautiful!

>> Thursday, February 28, 2008

i doubt this art is very good for these bugs, although the artist claims otherwise, but these assemblages by christopher marley are sure beautiful. the bugs have more color than i ever imagined existed.


bass pt. 2 - reggaetronic

almost all music has some element of bass. classical music has it's "double" bass, tympanis, contra-bassoons and the like, rock has a bass guitar. but some people out there know what i'm reffering to when i talk about "bass music". in this continuing post series, i will showcase different styles that relate to bass music. in the last post i uploaded a "grime" track.

there are a few great emcees out there from reggae diaspora that have an interest in electronic production, like spaceape, mutabaraka, patrice, and one of my favorites, paul st. hilaire (a.k.a. "tikiman" which i just learned while writing this post... he's two of my favorites!). here is a track from paul st. hillaire, over a big, dramatic, "bass"-influenced techno track from the german group modeselektor.

(mp3) modeselektor (feat. paul st. hilaire) - "let your love grow (from "happy birthday")

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


alternative energy: two gems

we all know we need to switch up our energy consumption techniques, and we all know solar and wind power and buying less and driving less would help, but here are two less well known ideas i love.

two great ideas:

geo-thermal - it's a lot of heat under our feet, and the technology we use right now to get oil and gas can be re-purposed. it can happen even here there aren't big ass volcanos, too.

trash to energy - i don't know why this isn't bigger news. i've hounded boingboing to post it for hype purposes, but apparently not enough. this machine is incredible. it heats anything except radioactive waste (read: all trash) with plasma, creates more energy than is required to keep the machine running (not "free energy" because you have to keep feeding it trash), and transforms the entire mass into syngas, a useful fuel source, an obsidian-like glass substance, useful for ceramics, and the afore-mentioned energy. as far as i can tell, this isn't hokum, a lot of governments are investing. startech seems to be an interesting company, but with a terrible website. the stock stinks too, although maybe that's a good reason to buy it now. there was a large popular science article about it last year, but for some reason they are only showing part of it now, although there is a popsci podcast about it.


self-powered spinning candle

>> Monday, February 25, 2008

Building The Amazing Steam Candle -

skip to 3:00 to see if you want to bother watching the first three minutes to learn how to build it. looks like it would make an interesting lighting effect at a party or for film. a bunch with mirrors would be cool.


shelving ideas

weird, customizable, folding shelves, from thirty cool shelving ideas... some are more expensive than others but a lot of them could be done on the cheap, or could spark ideas. i'm a fan of the rainbow book arrangement, and am about to do that with our bookshelves, if laura's down.

via freshome via boingboing, boingboing being basically the best blog ever, except mine and yours. freshome seems a bit bourgeois, but has, again, interesting ideas that could be done on the cheap... i like this light technique... it would be pretty easy to do with a stencil.


getting high

>> Sunday, February 24, 2008

imagine that...

tiger's nest monastery, bhutan...

another view...

people power...


personal post

today we took a break from construction and went to blythe's sunday dinner. blythe is a person who i got immediate "karass" or kindred spirit vibes from. i kept bumping into her and eventually decided to break the ice and introduce myself. laura and i had a great time, ate good food, played music (including nice didjeredoos and a mandolin.) i got my first i ching reading, and noticed further similarities of interests, including sacred geometry, tarot, tesla, baking, overtones, shrines, aesthetic style and interest in children (got a little wiki-happy there...) next time blythe is going to come over to our new place, and we're going to bake sweets while we hang out!

also, check laura's blog for "before" pictures of our new place... after pictures coming soon...

also, because i try to post a picture every time, here are some awesome butterflies i stumbled...


forward thinking beats from interesting artist

>> Saturday, February 23, 2008

i don't know shit about flying lotus except that he's alice coltrane's nephew and is now on warp records, which is easily the most important electronic music label ever... squarepusher, aphex twin, autechre, luke vibert, etc... i picked this ep up off of one of forced exposure's employee best of 2007 lists. this track makes me want to, you know... fuck. the whole ep is quality. the album 1983 is supposed to be great too.

(mp3) flying lotus - teal leaf dancers (featuring andreya triana) - from reset ep

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


top eight treehouses

following up on the nautilus house, here are someone's favorite treehouses.

also, from the nautilus house comments, i also mentioned the hobbit house and eliphante...


nautilus house

>> Thursday, February 21, 2008

outside looks great too... more photos after the jump...

via boingboing


amazing crystal glass player

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Musical Crystal Glasses Like Never Before

this baffles the mind. i don't know how he can play such staccato at all, let alone that fast.

it may or may not be petr spatina.

by the way, i stumbled this.


sleep is for the freak

my son, river, asleep in my kimono.

i read this article today after laura left it up (after using stumble) on our computer. it's and interesting method for becoming a morning person. like the author, i naturally am a night owl, but i notice i am more productive when i get up early in the day. the article is great, but here is an excerpt:

"The optimal solution for me has been to combine both approaches. It’s very simple, and many early risers do this without even thinking about it, but it was a mental breakthrough for me nonetheless. The solution was to go to bed when I’m sleepy (and only when I’m sleepy) and get up with an alarm clock at a fixed time (7 days per week). So I always get up at the same time (in my case 5am), but I go to bed at different times every night... ...A side effect was that on average, I slept about 90 minutes less per night, but I actually felt more well-rested."

by the way, stumble is awesome. it sends you to a random site, and then you say whether you like it or not, and then it learns, continually. i've found a TON of cool sites through that portal.


steven "fucking" kurtz

>> Tuesday, February 19, 2008

brings that real shit...
so, just saw steve lecture at carnegie mellon today. he mostly talked about his work, not his case. for those of you that don't know about his case, he is basically being charged with 5-20 years in prison for a friend at the university of pittsburgh biology department ordering him some harmless bacteria for use in a performance art piece about chemical warfare.

he stated that friendship and delegation of expertise we're critical aspects of his group's collaborative success, when questioned about the methods for removing the "internalized expression control" our culture induces. i thanked him for his recommendation of "islamic heresies" to me years before i discovered sufism, largely through rumi and the work of idries shah.


interesting afro-peruvian tune

>> Sunday, February 17, 2008

i kind of hate "interesting" as a word, but i find this tune compelling and beautiful, especially the percussion, but the guitar work and singing and horns are sweet, too. i don't know anything about cecilia barraza except she seems to still be alive...

(mp3) cecilia barraza - canterurias (songs) from "afro-peruvian classics: the soul of black peru"'

via muddup! (the fantastic blog by dj/rupture) i get a ton of great free tunes, links to dope mixtapes of dancehall, soca, hip hop, dub, jungle along side a slew of great latin, african and middle eastern music.

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


wild hair!

some of the wildest hairstyles ever! much weirder stuff after the break... hard to pick favorites. wow, imagine if people all took this kind of time for hair...

i also went through a period of looking at super long hair...


tom waits listens to wu-tang clan

>> Saturday, February 16, 2008

i don't normally care about tom waits, but i heard this song on my mostly boring public radio station during the dark period where i didn't have access to a mp3 player, but this song is pretty funking good.

(mp3) tom waits - "make it rain" from "real gone"

it's true that he listens to wu-tang clan. he said in an interview recently that that was one of two groups he was listening to... i think you can hear the influence of the minimal, dusty beats and vocal grimyness.

i dig this collection of wu-tang sample sources from palmsout.com's terrific sample wednesday series, particularly the track by the charmells, which contains the instantly recognizable opening to c.r.e.am. (that is if you listened to wu-tang's first album like most of my generation.)

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


we'd all be dead but for this guy

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

stanislav petrov saved your life... read the link to find out how he didn't nuke you.


clinton and obama both buying votes

>> Thursday, February 14, 2008

this study said today that both clinton and obama are giving money to super-delegates. in the cases where both have given money to the same delegate, whomever gave more money recieved the pledged support. the total in money is about a million dollars... sounds shady to me, although who's surprised?


bass pt. 1 - squeaky clean grime

>> Tuesday, February 12, 2008

in the first of several posts about bass musics, here is a grime track from skepta. it's suprisingly good for a message track, and like a lot of grime hip hop, has sweet bass.

(mp3) skepta - "blood, sweat & tears" from "greatest hits - the debut album"

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


world's largest christ hit by lighting

the huge christ statue over rio de janeiro was hit by lighting.

in other news the gospel of thomas is the coolest book not in the bible that i know of...


take a stroll on the roof...



>> Monday, February 11, 2008

i'm a big fan of music that crosses into new territory between styles. "bassline", for example is a mostly british style that combines grime vocals, dubstep bass and house tempos. "dubstep" it self owes debts to dub reggae, drum n bass, two-step garage and hip hop.

this track is from blockhead is a mixture of styles and represents a divergence from his typically hip hop oriented instrumentals to a more dancey, house-like effect. nice use of very diverse samples, including soul singing, indian vocal raga, deft strings and a child's workout record.

(mp3) blockhead - cheer up, you're not dead yet (from uncle tony's coloring book)

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


remember, remember the 5th of november

this is from a protest of scientology spurned on by "anonymous". has some potential to be the first real internet-sparked global protest. good to see the guy fawkes masks. what topic next?



photo by alain briot

well i hope to provide the best of what i find on the internets and the interworlds here, to aid you all in wasting less time, both on- and off-line. i get really inspired from a real stretch of content, so i won't pigeon-hole this blog one way or another. enjoy!!!


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