Hi. I used to use this blog a lot more than i do now. I don't agree with much of what i've posted here, but such is the nature of time. :) My instagram & facebook are likely to be more up to date.

shelving ideas

>> Monday, February 25, 2008

weird, customizable, folding shelves, from thirty cool shelving ideas... some are more expensive than others but a lot of them could be done on the cheap, or could spark ideas. i'm a fan of the rainbow book arrangement, and am about to do that with our bookshelves, if laura's down.

via freshome via boingboing, boingboing being basically the best blog ever, except mine and yours. freshome seems a bit bourgeois, but has, again, interesting ideas that could be done on the cheap... i like this light technique... it would be pretty easy to do with a stencil.


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