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tom waits listens to wu-tang clan

>> Saturday, February 16, 2008

i don't normally care about tom waits, but i heard this song on my mostly boring public radio station during the dark period where i didn't have access to a mp3 player, but this song is pretty funking good.

(mp3) tom waits - "make it rain" from "real gone"

it's true that he listens to wu-tang clan. he said in an interview recently that that was one of two groups he was listening to... i think you can hear the influence of the minimal, dusty beats and vocal grimyness.

i dig this collection of wu-tang sample sources from palmsout.com's terrific sample wednesday series, particularly the track by the charmells, which contains the instantly recognizable opening to c.r.e.am. (that is if you listened to wu-tang's first album like most of my generation.)

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


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