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who's ted?

>> Friday, February 29, 2008

ted is going on. what started out as technology, entertainment, design (hence t.e.d.) is now a more global conference of "ideas worth spreading." they post incredible talks from incredible speakers (or, you could say, credible talks by credible speakers.) each year three people win a ted prize: $100,000 and a granted wish. one of last years winners, james nachtway's talk is great, complete with a ton of amazing photos. all of the videos (when viewed on the ted site) feature this great navigation bar in flash that lets you jump to topics in the video visually.

anyway, this year:

amory lewis turns the "eco isn't business friendly" myth on it's head. watch this talk, and don't let anyone argue why we should keep burning gas. if nothing else, watch at 9 minutes for a great jab at past engineering priorities.

his slide presentation is here.

this talk is just a slice of amazing imaging technology... it's a short 8 minutes and well worth seeing through. incredible future of the way we see digital images:

this lady is funny when she talks about dictionaries... who knew.

i was reminded ted existed today by the venerable boingboing.


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