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>> Sunday, April 13, 2008

this video from the movie "crossing the bridge" - the sound of istanbul inspired me to pull out my father's old clarinet. after some help from laura's parents, who are visiting, i was able to get some of the lower register. anyway, watch the video, especially note the kiss at 57 seconds, and the oud playing later on when someone (in turkish) explains that the term flamenco came from "flamo mengue". istanbul was great when we visited. the secular turks are a blast. this photo is laura in front of a huge pillar in the blue mosque.

also, not to be missed... selda. psychedelic anatolian protest funk from turkey's joan baez? these two tracks are from this record from the awesome finders keepers records. i really want this other album, but haven't poneyed up yet. i wonder where that phrase comes from? anyway, selda... wow. loop-mining here people...

(mp3) selda - "yaz gazeteci yaz"

(mp3) selda - "karaoglan"


Bulgarian April 20, 2008 at 4:25 AM  

Thank you. I just found out the amazingness of Selda myself and now I'm addicted to her music. Karaoglan is just so incredibly beautiful! Greetings,

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