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fry and laurie for my sister...

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

this one's for you danya...

all you need to know about english here...


wtf nature

i really dig this community called wtf nature. they basically post bizarre things related to nature. like the weird antelope above. or this swallowing fish. or these fainting goats. or awesome lighting. you get the idea.


kid gets crump

this little kid definitely wins this crumping contest...

for those unfamiliar with crumping, you can educate yourself here or just watch a bunch of great (and not) videos here.


goofy republicans pt. 2

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

this candidate for congress from alabama thinks those rascilly billionaire sheiks need to show some graditude! harri anne, you don't think that the record profits food companies are posting has anything to do with it, do you? the way she pronounces oil as "aul" makes me feel gross.


giant political post... ugh.

a great image from the new york times a while back...

let's play catch up here...

george w. bush - you shouldn't have missed the big tell-all book by scott mcclellan, the former bush press secretary. the reaction has been somewhat predictable. there was also, of course, his lie about quitting golf for the troops (which was a ridiculous gesture anyway, considering he didn't give up mountain biking). also ridiculous was his comparison of negotiating with iran with appeasing hitler (both of the last stories very well mocked by jon stewart here)

dick cheney - you can look at this swell expanding map of his political connections (a la mark lombardi), watch him speak with lie-detector analysis, or just plain impeach him (click this!) scumbag.

donald rumsfeld and friends - former commander of the u.s. forces in iraq, ricardo sanchez blows the whistle on rummy covering his ass for something or other. some spanish journalists (with help from an american intelligence analyst) blow a big story of the pentagon intentionally killing war journalists in the movie "hotel palestine - killing the witness". you'll be appalled to know five hundred million dollars were spent building the world's largest u.s. embassy in iraq, complete with hundreds of apartments and an olympic-sized swimming pool. your tax dollars at play... in other miltary news, the HUGE story of pentagon sponsored propaganda broken by the new york times was nearly ignored by almost all the corporate media, but you can read the military's confessions here, or oggle the immense scope of the misinformation campaign here. surprisingly, one of the only people pushing for action on this is john kerry... you can read his initial action call here, and check for updates here. oh, and a proxy war with iran is going down in lebanon (also in iran through various u.s.-backed militia groups on several borders...)

john mccain - the man with eight houses still tries to appear un-elitist and a "maverick", post-partisan visionary. that post-partisanship thing is a joke with him. he's siding with bush again with voting against the immensely popular bi-partisan g.i. bill that would guarantee a college educations for veterans after three years of service. anyway, there is a good website where you can go to learn about mccain's untruths. i still can't get enough of "the straight face express" as my favorite mocking of mccain's meme of "the straight talk express". what's your favorite?

hillary clinton - i gravitate towards this woman's fairly sexist analysis of why hillary failed. it's really essentializing, but probably close to the truth. i think honesty (or lack there-of as displayed by her situational ethics) were the single biggest reason, but the article makes some good points.

barack obama - oh yeah, that guy. well when he's not getting adopted into the crow nation (i couldn't help myself here) or brokering "peace" in nigeria, he's consolidating the democratic party, clinton supporters and potentially the country... let's hope the secret service gets a little less racist when he's the president. more facts to help unravel slanderous lies about him can be found on this website.

if you haven't had enough politics yet (masochist!), you can read arriana's great essay "probing a political paradox: why the discredited right still sets the agenda and dominates the debate" or ponder why the republicans might be against a bill allowing election recounts (or even weirder, why they crowned a king!?!?!)


stupid plug

the new indiana jones movie was a big comic book, but still kind of fun (especially because i didn't pay...) who can resist mesoamerican myths like the crystal skulls, not to mention semi-plausible alien visitation stories or dimensional beings?

UPDATE: the boston globe has a hilarious piece on whether indiana jones is a commie.


i've got too much today for more than one post

>> Thursday, May 29, 2008

so i'm just going to jam it into a rambler...

checked my list of music blogs today for the first time in a while... tons of fire there.

i found a mix by the long lost (to me) d.j. ripley. it's sure to be fire, but i haven't heard it yet. she blew my mind in 2003 in brooklyn. i've never spun the same way since. via mashit.

UPDATE: this mix is good, but it's much more 4/4 than her earlier jungle/rocksteady/noise/hip hop thing... all half-tempo blends and whatnot. still good, but definitely more hipster and house than what i'm familiar with.

FURTHER UPDATE: from the comments, d.j. ripley says "the whole theme of this one is me being dragged kicking & screaming into 4x4.. that's what the whole long spiel is about. How i don't want to, but it just happened. But never fear! the genresmashing is still there. check my blog, or this mix for more of that "

anyway, holy shit it's an awesome bomb from cauto. on the tremendous dutty artz (rupture and shadetek's label). this track starts to hint at the future melding of dubstep, techno and breakbeat jungle. the reggae aspect is my least favorite. i dig the fact that the bassline keeps changing... it's not just loops. i wasn't going to post this track, but now that palmsout.com did it, i'm gonna. buy the vinyl if you do that sort of thing.

(mp3) cauto - "bona vida" from "dutty artz remix zero ep"

i'm trying to figure out what this fast style of latin electronic music is, and i can't but i did locate kuduro, which is really cool (but different...)

also, listening to benji b fill in for the great mary anne hobbs show on bbc, i was turned on to the dorian concept, which i liked his track "the fucking formula", and the awesome jay electronica, and m.c. from the future. read that link for a really comprehensive look, or take the quick route and just watch a video (featuring a bit of alex grey... which isn't too surprising as he is signed by erykah badu and she digs grey as i've reported)... warning, graphic images in the video (of j.f.k.'s assasination, etc...)

on the video tip, don't miss this woman rocking her rights on saudi t.v., this display of schlieren photography, a taste trip with the miracle fruit, or a little electric piano jam by the very odd ronald jenkees (hello youtubes!).

oh, and i'm still ass deep in political musings, just haven't been posting much about it, because it's getting a bit old. i did hear something about obama having a white problem, but this photo seems to disagree, yeah?

love to yinz all!


some scanned pages from world travels

>> Wednesday, May 28, 2008

these drawings are from my travel notebook in 2006. laura and i traveled to a ton of coutries in a pre-conception sweep including ireland, england, germany, denmark, netherlands, france, spain, morrocco, czech republic, austria, switzerland, italy & turkey. click on the images for hi-res scans.

this page is from dublin, ireland, where we saw the chester beatty library, a collection of rare and beautiful manuscripts. i copied this common ten-sided form from the cover of an old book.

this is a drawing of our view of the alhambra from the (illegal) rambutan hostel in granada, spain. the bad graffiti on this page doesn't do justice to the awesome graffiti of granada.

this page details some of the awesome crafts available in chefchaouen, morrocco.

this is an abstract drawing i did on the terrace of a beautiful hostel in marrakesh, morrocco listening to the prayer calls.

this semi-observational drawing was inspired by the beautiful boboli gardens in florence, italy.

most of the other pages are text-heavy or quite personal, but maybe i'll post some others sometime.


utah phillips - rest on...

>> Tuesday, May 27, 2008

goodbye, utah. the legendary folk singer passed away in the night. he was train hopper, activist and a die-hard wobbly.

i listened to this great interview on democracy now today with him from 2004.

four things caught my ear.

1. a song he was singing about how while he might not sail on the ship, he's still gonna build it. 2. they've got the money, but we've got the time, and they'll run out of money before we run out of time. 3. make a living, not a killing. 4. donations can be given to hospitality house shelter in his memory.


it's an old story, but bears re-examination, maybe...

with all this talk of the war on terrorism, it's easy to forget that we've been engaging in another war on a noun for many years now... the war on drugs! so let's check out a few tasty tidbits of this sordid tale.

1. this story last year my re-ignited interest in this topic... a crashed drug plane turned out to be recently owned by the u.s.

2. it reminded me of the (mostly true?) story of the cia and nicuraguan contras and the introduction to crack cocaine.

3. while there have been some improvements, the sentencing for crack vs. cocaine is very racist, 25 years vs. 5 years for 1 gram.

4. the u.s. has the highest number per capita of people in prison of anywhere in the world, mostly non-violent drug offendors.

5. according to this clock, the war on drugs cost already 20 billion dollars this year. not as much as the iraq war, but still a lot of money.

6. countries that have legalized drugs have much lower rates of use and abuse. there is far more drug use in america than in amsterdam.


blasts from the future

city planning in dubai (slideshow)
poems evolve all day (images)
brains see beyond now (article)

kj sawka plays jungle:


it was awesome... pictures soon, promise!

being at wickerman...

great drumming and dancing...

delicious burners strutting their creative stuff...

a beautiful pagan land surrounded on three sides by river...

spun with the party liberation front @ the galactic speakeasy...

but i'm excited to be back... i will start blogging again, and working on our community space.


goofy republicans

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hilarious republican attack ad from missouri. i don't think they intended it to make being a democrat look like so much fun...



>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i'm nixing the template change. i liked the look , but i lost a couple things:

1. my post titles didn't as a default link to the permalink of each post.

2. i lost the cool little "pencil" edit button that shows when i'm logged in.

3. i lost the navbar which made it a pain to log in, or to create a new post.

4. the tag cloud refused to "cloud" it insisted on being a list.

what i miss about the newer template is the very clear comment link, the paper look and the three column design... particularly the latter. i'm bummed that blogger doesn't have any native three column designs. i feel like functionality would be vastly improved if more width could be put into play... if anyone feels like they could overcome these obstacles, let me know. in the meantime, i'll just rebuild all the links here.


while you wait... the real john mccain 2

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

it's only three minutes long, but full of important details...


making some changes - kinks out soon...

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

bear with me... switching templates. i'm going to change the artwork on top and re-up the links. sorry about the wait. in the meantime, how is everybody?


amazing skills department - Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

>> Saturday, May 17, 2008

when people act AT ALL like we should bomb iran (please... gods... no...), i think of my friends there and people like Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. this 30-year old genius has been studying the tombak (or zarb?) since he was 6. it shows. i defy anyone to show me a finer hand drum fill that the one at 7:19 of this incredible 27 minute+ drum solo. that's a challenge... a few of the indian tabla players come close... but they use two drums!

(mp3) Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - "Wind & Fire" from "Wind & Fire"

the full album can be found at welove-music.blogspot.com

to get a taste what you're in for, check this video. but download the track! the video is more of a skill-show and the track is more of a piece of spiritual percussion.


if you can afford to help disaster victims...

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

...these people seem to be on it. their shelterboxes have shelter for ten people, tools, water purification for ten people for three months and even kids toys. click on the image to view more details or better yet go read the website, or even better go make a tax-deductable donation and go save some lives!


great business card designs

i've always loved making creative business cards. my favorite is a style i call a "busyness" card, that eschews simply listing your main profession and goes instead for a paragraph, exhaustively listing all the activities you like to be contacted for. i'll post an example of that sometime. i've been having a lot of fun with a variant of the playing card business card found here (which the hairstylist card above is from). another set is here.


crazy exoskeleton coming to a town near you...


bizarre artist hangs out

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

johan lorbeer likes to hang out... off walls in public and in galleries. via this post from divine caroline... spolier on how he does it on the second page.


perfect, mr. bush, perfect.

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i was going to save this photo for when this windbag was out of office, but it's just too appropriate for this story. in a line...

bush claimed earlier this week that he gave up GOLFING for the troops in 2003, but as it turns out he was LYING about even that.


four great links from the not so great

>> Tuesday, May 13, 2008

report. hate to love it, but really, love to hate it. the photo below sums up the tone quite well. tons of misinformation on there, but undoubtedly the most influential political news aggregate. quite conservative, but oddly... oddly. anyway, below the picture are four great links from drudge report today.

michael moore is making a sequel to farenheit 9/11!
why is this great? because the first film was awesome and there is so much more evidence these days to support both the original premise and further impeachables...

the vatican says it's o.k. to believe in aliens!
why is this great? the money quote. "ruling out the existence of aliens would be like "putting limits" on God's creative freedom". ah, so are they saying that the nephilim are aliens, then?

oliver stone bush film highly critical of bush!
why is this great? while stone has come under fire by our resident conspiracy buff for royally misleading folks in the j.f.k. movie, he was poised to make a "respecting" portrait of bush. not the case, apparently.

libertarian candidate bob barr in it to win it!
why is this great? well, among other things, he is a lot more likely to take votes away from mccain than from obama. that's because libertarian is "anarchism" for yuppie scum AND because barr is pro drug war and anti gay and DEFENDS white supremacists.


sadhus for you!

i ate too much indian food this morning. ( i know, there's no such thing right? but you've never been to this buffet on my street, have you! ) well that pain is nothing compared with the difficulty faced by many sadhus. they are legally dead to the government of india, and often undergo tapas (austerities not spanish finger-foods)... like rastafarians, they often have dreadlocks and some smoke cannabis (like many other religions), but that's really where the comparison ends. they are really closer to sufis... anyway, they look awesome, so check 'em out... the fourth one down makes me really happy...


fractal dresser

want! amazing design from takeshi miyakawa...

via boingboing


interesting interview - slavoj zizek

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

this interview on democracy now today was really compelling. more of a monologue, really, with slovene intellectual slavoj zizek (seen above with his argentinian-born former-underwear-model wife...). he commented on the usual stuff... the wars, the us presidential race, etc, but with a really captivating look at the left. he's a marxist, lacan-fan and a communist, but he was really more critical of the left than the right. he described bush and osama as escher's two hands drawing each other, warned against being so caught up in crisis (ecological, political, humanitarian) that you don't take time to analyze the situation, but most impressively, to me, when he said that the left should better at critquing the left than the right is...


yet more hillary bashing (because she deserves it)

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

this story
of hillary clinton killing jim cooper's health care plan back in 1995 is a must-read, given her rhetoric about how much she crusades on the topic. two of the money quotes are:

"I warned her we didn't even have the votes (for her bill) in our subcommittee. She said, 'We're going to (politically) cut your legs off.' I've never gotten such a cold reception as I got from her."
She criticized my health care bill because it wouldn't achieve universal coverage until 1998. Well, today we'd be celebrating the 10th anniversary of having every American with insurance."

this clip from saturday night live might help you feel better...

if that doesn't this sure will.. it didn't?... o.k. this has to work.


bad news for pennsylvania's state forests...

i've been waiting on posting this because it made me so angry. the irony and despicableness of this makes me unable to even post an image with this... a first for this blog. just read it, especially if you live in pennsylvania under ed "lets still kill mumia" rendell.



i love techno a-z: cajmere - cylob

i know i'm really stretching the definition of techno here, but as i've said, i think the influence of 4/4 dance tunes with a lot of electronics is hard to completely seperate out from funk, electro, house, hip hop and pop... anyway, to the tracks...

cajmere - otherwise known as green velvet... this is the classic track that annoys some, and brings others to a state of jackin' chicago dorkiness... got to hear it at least once.

(mp3) cajmere - "percolator" from the same-titled 12"

cameo - great electro funk/pop outfit from the eighties. this song is pure dance jam candy with a great message. the relationship advice here is on point, but the bass/crash on every beat it what makes this track.

(mp3) cameo - "i just want to be" from "secret omen"

can - another of those groups from the seventies that can't be ignored in terms of their contribution to techno. this song isn't as "dancey" as their hit "i want more", but the textures and subtleties are more to my taste. it's a tough track to mix because it's in a 7 beat rhythm (1-2-1-2-1-2-3), but it can be done! i like to drop this late in a 3 hour set after a really minimal period.

(mp3) can - "one more night" from "ege bamyasi"

cee-lo green - now more known as gnarls barkley was the spiritual influence behind the great atlanta rap coalition, the goodie mob. this track, released in between the goodie and gnarls phases is a killer. great for halloween. it's about freakiness and it has a nice electro/house vibe with obvious hip hop overtones, even some gospel influences.

(mp3) cee-lo - "closet freak" from "cee-lo green and his perfect imperfections"

chicks on speed - they've gone way downhill. they started off as an art-school joke and it was a good one, mocking dance music, art, fashion, etc... but now they take themselves seriously and it isn't funny anymore. i still love this tune. the mistakes (and nice early daft punk-esque production) make it... the announcements at the end are hilarious.

(mp3) chicks on speed - "pana rip-off" from "re-releases of the un-releases"

claude von stroke
- i don't know shit about this artist either, but the atonal melody of this track makes it a keeper. he did the best remix of dj blaqqstar's "shake it to the ground", too...

(mp3) claude von stroke - "who's afraid of detroit" from same titled 12"

coh - one of the more interesting artists of the raster-noton label, the german super-minimalists. bust out your tone generators, people... this track is kind of evil and noisy compared to most of that label's aesthetic.

(mp3) coh - "path #2" from "patherns ep"

cornelius - japanese pop/rock sensation. seems to be moving closer and closer to dance-floor love. i dig this track's pristine disco feel... reminds me of metro area.

(mp3) cornelius - "fit song" from "sensuous"

the coup - the most well-rounded political rap since public enemy with the only possible exception being dead prez... this jam is pure house party. "i'm here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor... and help the damn revolution come quicker!" dig the west-coast synths.

(mp3) the coup - "laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor" from "pick a bigger weapon"

cybotron - also known as juan atkins. this track was recently sampled by missy elliot. a totally classic electro jam... heavy on the meditational imagery, yet isn't ironic. perfect.

(mp3) cybotron - "clear" from same titled 12"

cylob - i really can't stand most of what this artist does, and the graphic design of the albums is even worse... but this track (which is really more on the idm/jungle tip than techno) appeals to my closeted candy-raver goofiness with it's unabashed vocoder melodies. a pop song for djs of the the nostalgic rave set, loaded with clichés... i have to listen to it at least once a year.

(mp3) cylob - "cut the midrange, drop the bass"


chinese reproduction artists make self portraits

apparently dafen in china is the source of most of the world's oil painting reproductions. this is a collection of self portraits by a handful of these artists, with a photo of the artist and an example of their work.

it's an interesting blend of the appropriated style and personal imagery.


sierra leone haute couture

my friend damian pointed me to his friend vanessa's blog (vanessa without borders), where she has a small but awesome collection of fashion shots from her recent travels to sierra leone. notice the black sabbath t-shirt above... the quote from this photo is "Can't you just see this guy on the Lower East Side?". i could.


100 awesome things

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

for her 100th blogpost, laura has really excelled... her list is loaded with great stuff. i think it's a meme waiting to happen. go play... it's an hour of fun following her links.

oh, and i'm totally doing this soon, not for my 100th post (long gone), but soon!


it's all in the (six) details

run little lizard! run!!!

anyway, if you look down and to the left you will see some new categories of links... friends, politics, news, television, podcasts and music... i check almost all these sites at least weekly.

enjoy... there are a lot of "alexandria is open" type posts in the music category, fyi...


wooster collective graffiti highlights

this is the one that caught my attention...

this next one is a nice combination of two common memes...

this is some more of a photo-realistic graffiti meme i've been seeing around...

and of course i dug this one...

from the fabulous woostercollective.com


more spanish obama songs!

>> Friday, May 9, 2008

this is the more traditional version, "viva obama!"

this is the more slammin' reggaton version.

earlier, i posted the great "cumbia de obama"


annoying yet awesome video

"we hood, we vote'n, and throwin it up..." this track makes me twitch involuntarily, but overall i'm glad it got made... it sticks in your head, and may get some of my lazy, doped-down friends in the hood to vote...

TI$A - Imma Vote Obama Way... watch for cameos from jay-z, kanye, etc..

i'm mostly posting in the spirit i was expressing BEFORE the indiana/north carolina primaries...
obama picked up 9 superdelegates just today, and the day isn't over yet. even the corporate media is finally telling the tale we've all known for months. the math doesn't work, and the only way for hillary to be the nominee is catastrophic. she hasn't been quite as bad as some have proposed, but she has behaved terribly. so this helped me feel a little better that she has dug her claws into barack instead of dropping out gracefully...


beautiful close up photos of individual grains of sand

from the photo series "each individual grain of sand is a work of art" by discover magazine. via popurls


i love techno a-z: baby ford - bruce haack

>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1st post here for context. on with B...

baby ford - this is unortunately a mixed version of this track... towards the end the melody is from something else... i'll try to get a clean version some time... great track from an early "minimal" innovator. baby ford & zip were great at the last DEMF.

(mp3) baby ford - "no milk today"

basement jaxx
- a really over the top disco/pop/house outfit. hard to pick a favorite, but this is the track that started me off...

(mp3) basement jaxx - "yo yo" from "remedy"

- not as good as the name suggests, but some solid breaks with good samples. can get a little cheesy in that "action movie soundtrack" vibe, but i like the vocal samples in this one.

(mp3) bassnectar - "pleasure the bass nympho" from "diverse systems of throb"

ben sims - a little known hard techno dork that i kind of love. this track is repetetive, but well named... it's for those riding a climax out with thunderous, non-stop beats... kind of late 90s feel, but a good mixing tool with stepping filters.

(mp3) ben sims - "poise here" from "symbolism 004"

benga - this guy is outrageous. LOVE this new album. Posted a much barer track of his in my first dubstep post, but this is a banger! (benga?) anyway, it's old school rave through and through with something new, something special. BUY this album... FIRE!

(mp3) benga - "pleasure" from "diary of an afro warrior"

bjork - so ahead of her time, and yours... this is from the first album, debut, and always makes me happy. homogenic, her third (?) album is incredible. the new stuff is all over the map, but she picks great talent, has super fly aesthetics and while she can be annoying when over-played, she is a genius of the age

(mp3) bjork - "big time sensuality" from "debut"

blair - i don't know anything about this track except that i tracked it down off an old derrick carter mixtape, and of you play it loud enough, 30-something raver will appear out of nowhere and start house dancing. great inspirational diva vocals.

(mp3) blair - "life"

blockhead - i already blogged this artist and this track here. in fact, it was the first track i posted. i still love it. a house track from a hip hop producer.

(mp3) blockhead - "cheer up, you're not dead yet" from "uncle tony's coloring book"

boxcutter - totally geeked on his last album, "glyphic"... BUY it. this is a somber but beautiful 2step track with nice base and lovey dovey vocals. smashing for a gentle love in dance fest...

(mp3) boxcutter - "foxy" from "glyphic"

brian eno - preposterously talented and influential producer of such gems as david bowie, the talking heads and (cough!) the best album ever (maybe? probably?), "my life with the bush of ghosts" (with david byrne), he made four amazing solo vocal albums in the late 60s and early 70s. lots of early electronics here, and this track is precient in my opinion.

(mp3) brian eno - "kurt's rejoinder" from "before and after science"

bruce haack - child's entertainer, drug-crazed genius and another indispensible electronic pioneer. a great documentary on him (featuring mouse on mars among others) is here. i found it on piratbayan. laura loves this song, too.

(mp3) bruce haack - "electric to me turn" from "electric lucifer"


i love techno a-z: abe duque - autechre

>> Tuesday, May 6, 2008

it's no secret to those who know me... i LOVE techno. (and house, and electro, which i don't bother to make too much of a distinction from techno, they have sort of blended into each other anyway, in my opinion...)

i could upload a thousand tunes i find notable for one reason or another, but i'll start with A... and work my way to Z (do i have any Z?) here's the thing though... a lot of these tracks don't really "stand on their own", a techno track is mostly conceived of as an element in a mix, to be blended in that "non-stop ecstasy throb" that was rightfully jabbed at in an article recently on muddup! so try to imagines these tracks as a temporary layer, slices of rhythmic orientation to be juxtaposed and framed by the dj in the moment...

abe duque - i don't like the rest of this album ("so underground it hurts"), and he was pompous when i met him (saying "it doesn't hurt anymore"), but these two tracks have a nostalgia about them i dig. mind the name dropping in the first one, and i mostly only feel the words in the second...

(mp3)abe duque - "what happened" from "so underground it hurts"
(mp3)abe duque - "acid" from "so underground it hurts"

akufen - was pretty great when i saw him live at fabric. credited with a unique style of "micro-sampling", which seems to bypass copyright laws by only grabbing tiny snips... some of it's a bit smalzy, but it's a great sound.

(mp3) akufen - "severed finger samba" from "montreal smoked meat"
(mp3) akufen - "the dragonfly who thought he was a mockingbird" from "the appleseed ep"

alter ego - i don't know shit about this artist, but this track has a nice "bassline" house sound. it's a lot like what i've heard described as blog-house. it gets annoying after too long, but useful for like a minute and a half of dancefloor slamming...

(mp3) alter ego - "fuckingham palace" - from "why not"

aphex twin - you can't overstate the influence of aphex twin. great jungle, ambient, etc music. i love "on", "windowlicker" (videos) and a ton of his acid work, but these two get me personally with the techno feel.

(mp3) aphex twin - "elephant song" from "analogue bubblebath 4"
(mp3) aphex twin - "breath march" from "analord 4"

ark - this french musician makes minimal, goofy but solid tunes. also some slow, hiphop instrumental bangers... these are the only tunes i would play in a techno/house set...

(mp3) ark - "preacher" -from "caliente"
(mp3) ark - "sweet chat rio" from "alleyuark"

autechre - another highly influential musical force, these folks make a lot of machinic, experimental sound. some great melodies, here and there. a little sparse for most situations, but these two tracks i play a lot... particularly the second, but it's not really "techno"... but what is it?

(mp3) autechre - "djarum"
- from the "anti ep"
(mp3) autechre - "iera" - from "untitled"

that does it for A...

anyone you think is missing?

bear in mind i'm going with first names, and if the artist has a ton of aliases (like atom heart) i'm going to use their "real" name (uwe schmidt)...

god, i love techno...


omar osama bin laden - so hot right now!

>> Monday, May 5, 2008

27-year old omar osama bin laden, pictured above with his british-born wife jane felix-brown (now known as zaina alsabah), 52, has been denied british citizenship. it's a shame really, because while he hasn't denounced his father (a serious thing to do, regardless of the circumstances!), he has pledged that he wants to work as a peacekeeper between islam and the west, promoting a horse race across africa for the cause. and he's hot, in a braided hair/leather jacket kind of way... i wish him luck, and the other 600+ members of the bin laden family that aren't of the evil persuasion.


it's over for clintons

i wish. it ain't over till it's over. but seriously folks. let's look at the facts...

if playing with the delegate calculating thingy over at the new york times doesn't convince you, read this article from way back in march that made a pretty convincing case. even her camp using the "nuclear option" isn't likely to accomplish much, because howard dean will have a say, and he's too smart to let the party get split that way.

everyday you can watch obama close in quicker than clinton on the table at the top of the daily kos, and clinton losing already commited delegates is happening more and more.

add it all up, and i can't wait...


nice idea department

i registered today at marrow.org to become a marrow donator. race is a factor in finding matches, and as i have some unique dna (particularly basque) that might not be in the registry yet, i joined. even if you are a common race, there are still particulars with each individual that might be in demand. it normally costs money, but right now the first 10,000 to sign up it's free, and you just swab your inner cheek at home and send them back the samples. if you are called upon to donate marrow, they just suck it out with a hollow needle under anesthesia.

you could save someone's life, on the real, and how nice would that be?


dubious idea department

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

ecologically devastating or actually beneficial?

anyway, bulk mailer shows you how to use postage paid envelopes to send heavy objects back to the companies that send wasteful junk mail... costs them money, but also costs carbon. i'm intrigued but unsold. the faq (on the same page as the link above) is worth reading, anyway.

anyone have a feeling one way or the other?


incredible medieval manuscript scans

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

an incredible amount of illuminated medieval manuscripts have been scanned at the colombia university digital scriptorium. they have highlights, and search function, and high res scans. above is the only entry marked "alchemy" though...

if anyone is interested, i have some information regarding the sufi connection to european alchemy, but i wont jump the gun with that...

via metafilter


RANDOM specks OUT there pt. 2

spectacular card trick by shawn farquhar (haha.nu)
name generator hit refresh for more (metafilter.com)
the "duh" history of cat domestication (popurls.com)
9 detainees released from guantanamo bay (dailykos.com)
pittsburghers! gear up for local burn, wickerman! (laura's site)
working bike with shoes for wheels (boingboing.net)
clinton will work for barrack obama (drudgereport.com)
awesome amazonian blow gun skills video (nytimes.com)


custom engraved moleskine notebooks

so i'll get to the moleskines eventually, but you have to start with the image below...

after making a grid of vesicas (precisely overlapping circles), you can use various intersections of the grid to create the first ten regular polygons. you can do most of it with just a compass and a straight edge, but i actually found (using adobe illustrator) that one of the classic methods for constructing a pentagon was inaccurate. so i just used the computer to make perfect versions of the odd-number polygons with all of these polygons sides being equal.

i then extrapolated and itterated my ass off with lines between the vertices forming exponentially more polygons (using only equal-weight lines, no fills or gradients, also all the shapes arise naturally, i didn't pick what looked "best") it starts off looking like a few quite simple stars in the pentagon, but by the time you get to the 12-sided dodecahedron, it is a lot of shapes. i then placed the polygons back into a rough mockup of the golden spiral, inverted it and voila! (click on the picture for a much bigger version... also note i increased the line weight for printing, the original has tons of tiny detail at huge sizes.)

so then i submitted it to custom engraved moleskin notebooks to see if they would feature it in their artist series. they would give me 15% of the price, but i would just be psyched to earn enough to get a moleskine with this free. we'll see. note that you can also just submit your design and get it printed on a full size moleskine for like $35...


may 1st good news

below is a picture contrasting virign rainforest to a palmoil plantation encroaching on it...

greenpeace got dove to halt palm oil productions in indonesia's rainforest after only a week-long campaign. the story is here. now granted, they are a large organization, with a decent budget, but it's good to know that a little pressure can go a long way. the problem of palm oil production isn't completely solved, but the orangutans can sleep a litle easier tonight.


nik ainley's art, design and typography

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

some of it's a bit hipster, some's a bit rave-flyer circa 1999, but then again, how bad is that? his site is shinybinary.com. some nice attention to detail. i like the piece for national geographic.

via a real old post in the haha.nu art archives.


got money? feed kids!

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