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custom engraved moleskine notebooks

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

so i'll get to the moleskines eventually, but you have to start with the image below...

after making a grid of vesicas (precisely overlapping circles), you can use various intersections of the grid to create the first ten regular polygons. you can do most of it with just a compass and a straight edge, but i actually found (using adobe illustrator) that one of the classic methods for constructing a pentagon was inaccurate. so i just used the computer to make perfect versions of the odd-number polygons with all of these polygons sides being equal.

i then extrapolated and itterated my ass off with lines between the vertices forming exponentially more polygons (using only equal-weight lines, no fills or gradients, also all the shapes arise naturally, i didn't pick what looked "best") it starts off looking like a few quite simple stars in the pentagon, but by the time you get to the 12-sided dodecahedron, it is a lot of shapes. i then placed the polygons back into a rough mockup of the golden spiral, inverted it and voila! (click on the picture for a much bigger version... also note i increased the line weight for printing, the original has tons of tiny detail at huge sizes.)

so then i submitted it to custom engraved moleskin notebooks to see if they would feature it in their artist series. they would give me 15% of the price, but i would just be psyched to earn enough to get a moleskine with this free. we'll see. note that you can also just submit your design and get it printed on a full size moleskine for like $35...


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