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i love techno a-z: baby ford - bruce haack

>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1st post here for context. on with B...

baby ford - this is unortunately a mixed version of this track... towards the end the melody is from something else... i'll try to get a clean version some time... great track from an early "minimal" innovator. baby ford & zip were great at the last DEMF.

(mp3) baby ford - "no milk today"

basement jaxx
- a really over the top disco/pop/house outfit. hard to pick a favorite, but this is the track that started me off...

(mp3) basement jaxx - "yo yo" from "remedy"

- not as good as the name suggests, but some solid breaks with good samples. can get a little cheesy in that "action movie soundtrack" vibe, but i like the vocal samples in this one.

(mp3) bassnectar - "pleasure the bass nympho" from "diverse systems of throb"

ben sims - a little known hard techno dork that i kind of love. this track is repetetive, but well named... it's for those riding a climax out with thunderous, non-stop beats... kind of late 90s feel, but a good mixing tool with stepping filters.

(mp3) ben sims - "poise here" from "symbolism 004"

benga - this guy is outrageous. LOVE this new album. Posted a much barer track of his in my first dubstep post, but this is a banger! (benga?) anyway, it's old school rave through and through with something new, something special. BUY this album... FIRE!

(mp3) benga - "pleasure" from "diary of an afro warrior"

bjork - so ahead of her time, and yours... this is from the first album, debut, and always makes me happy. homogenic, her third (?) album is incredible. the new stuff is all over the map, but she picks great talent, has super fly aesthetics and while she can be annoying when over-played, she is a genius of the age

(mp3) bjork - "big time sensuality" from "debut"

blair - i don't know anything about this track except that i tracked it down off an old derrick carter mixtape, and of you play it loud enough, 30-something raver will appear out of nowhere and start house dancing. great inspirational diva vocals.

(mp3) blair - "life"

blockhead - i already blogged this artist and this track here. in fact, it was the first track i posted. i still love it. a house track from a hip hop producer.

(mp3) blockhead - "cheer up, you're not dead yet" from "uncle tony's coloring book"

boxcutter - totally geeked on his last album, "glyphic"... BUY it. this is a somber but beautiful 2step track with nice base and lovey dovey vocals. smashing for a gentle love in dance fest...

(mp3) boxcutter - "foxy" from "glyphic"

brian eno - preposterously talented and influential producer of such gems as david bowie, the talking heads and (cough!) the best album ever (maybe? probably?), "my life with the bush of ghosts" (with david byrne), he made four amazing solo vocal albums in the late 60s and early 70s. lots of early electronics here, and this track is precient in my opinion.

(mp3) brian eno - "kurt's rejoinder" from "before and after science"

bruce haack - child's entertainer, drug-crazed genius and another indispensible electronic pioneer. a great documentary on him (featuring mouse on mars among others) is here. i found it on piratbayan. laura loves this song, too.

(mp3) bruce haack - "electric to me turn" from "electric lucifer"


cz May 7, 2008 at 11:07 PM  

Your "A" list was much stronger than your "B" selections Nice to see Bruce Haack though. Of course I can't argue with Bjork, but I could take or leave everything else on the list, and Bassnectar is a joke.

You forgot Banco de Gaia, Bassbin Twins, and most criminally Bill Laswell!

james gyre... May 7, 2008 at 11:47 PM  

laswell's cool.. plays on aforementioned "best album ever" but i find a lot of his solo work boring, including that with pete namlook. he's definitely an innovator... i posted some of his tunes in my sufi list.

i agree, bassnectar is a joke, but i stand by the vocal samples. i'm a little surprised you don't feel any basement jaxx (not even "right here's the spot"?) or baby ford.

and someday i'll sell you on a benga track, and a boxcutter tune. those kids are seeing the future.

oh, and don't even try to diss brian eno. he's a total master. his first four albums are all 5 stars...

anyway, i like getting your recs, keep em coming.

james gyre... May 7, 2008 at 11:47 PM  

oh, and i can't help it if some letters just rule (just you wait for T, or R for that matter!)

cz May 8, 2008 at 1:53 AM  

I somehow completely missed Eno. Of course he's an innovator. I haven't heard any boxcutter yet. I do love one basement jaxx track, "Fly Life (Extra)", but most of their stuff leaves me cold. "Where's Yo Head At" was pretty good too. There was a good two step remix of "Jump and Shout" too. I just wouldn't list them as one of my favorite electronic music artists on the strength of a handful of tracks.

james gyre... May 8, 2008 at 8:50 AM  

really with almost all my favorite artists i don't like most of what they do. i'm really picky in that case. but the peak experience of a couple amazing tracks is enough for me to call them a success...

i posted boxcutter in this post and in my dubstep post, but might as well hear the whole album here... it's eclectic so try to hear the whole thing... oh, and make sure to listen on a decent set of speakers or headphones, it's high frequency range stuff. the benga album (which i'm not sure you'll like as much, it's more like 65% dubstep) is here.

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