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some scanned pages from world travels

>> Wednesday, May 28, 2008

these drawings are from my travel notebook in 2006. laura and i traveled to a ton of coutries in a pre-conception sweep including ireland, england, germany, denmark, netherlands, france, spain, morrocco, czech republic, austria, switzerland, italy & turkey. click on the images for hi-res scans.

this page is from dublin, ireland, where we saw the chester beatty library, a collection of rare and beautiful manuscripts. i copied this common ten-sided form from the cover of an old book.

this is a drawing of our view of the alhambra from the (illegal) rambutan hostel in granada, spain. the bad graffiti on this page doesn't do justice to the awesome graffiti of granada.

this page details some of the awesome crafts available in chefchaouen, morrocco.

this is an abstract drawing i did on the terrace of a beautiful hostel in marrakesh, morrocco listening to the prayer calls.

this semi-observational drawing was inspired by the beautiful boboli gardens in florence, italy.

most of the other pages are text-heavy or quite personal, but maybe i'll post some others sometime.


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