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>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

an introduction, a recap, an index, a pantology, an idea, a tour...

february 2008

post 001 - welcome to this blog, nature photo
post 002 - "anonymous" protest of scientology, funny caption
post 003 - blockhead's track "cheer up, you're not dead yet", disclaimer
post 004 - beautiful green roof in singapore
post 005 - world's largest christ statue hit by lightning
post 006 - skepta's track "blood, sweat & tears"
post 007 - story on obama and clinton buying votes
post 008 - the remarkable story of stanislav petrov, world saver
post 009 - tom waits' track "make it rain", wu-tang reference
post 010 - links to wild hair, still a very popular post numbers-wise
post 011 - cecelia barraza tune, 1st link to muddup
post 012 - profile of steve kurtz, his case, and my sufic history with him
post 013 - photo of my son sleeping, article on sleep technique i never did
post 014 - incredible video of crystal glass virtuoso
post 015 - the beautiful architecture of the nautilus house
post 016 - top eight treehouses, hobbit house, eliphante house
post 017 - flying lotus's track "tea leaf dancers"
post 018 - personal post about blythe, stumble upon, photo of butterflies
post 019 - getting high pt.1, photos of people up really high, monasteries
post 020 - interesting shelving ideas, 1st link to boingboing
post 021 - how to video to make self powered spinning tea light
post 022 - two green energy gems, especially the plasma arc machine
post 023 - bass pt.2 modeselektor & paul st. hillaire track
post 024 - art made out of bugs, sketchy? not necessarily, says artist
post 025 - some videos from the excellent t.e.d. talks on great ideas
post 026 - leap year history and a picture of a frog

march 2008

post 027 - video of sheep as weed control, free vectors, santogold track
post 028 - disney stole alladin from richard williams sufic animation
post 029 - flamenco kids video, slim whitman track, burne-jones painting
post 030 - erykah badu at chapel of sacred mirrors, track from album
post 031 - poster parodies of anti-photography propaganda from britain
post 032 - arabic calligraphy, history of gazelle, personal synchronicity
post 033 - arizona students stage hug-a-thon
post 034 - inspirational video of no armed guitarist
post 035 - surprisingly pretty photos of crustpunks, one i know
post 036 - how to make beautiful maple leaf "roses" that look "real"
post 037 - profile of chocoreve, a great rare album mp3 blogger
post 038 - two videos of the great band, the pentangle
post 039 - how to make a cool cd case in the style of the "flower of life"
post 040 - see if you can label the countries of africa and the middle east
post 041 - trippy interactive harmonic visualizer
post 042 - onion spoof video "diebold releases election results early"
post 043 - personal post about geeking out on computers, desktops link
post 044 - incredible visual illusions by akiyoshi kitaoka
post 045 - beach boys, betty davis, lady tigra & bunny d, beck, filastine
post 046 - heart-wrenching visualizations of statistics with piles of rice
post 047 - the recipe for edible bliss, "the phenominable snowball!"
post 048 - thought to speech technology... no, really
post 049 - bass pt. 3, a primer in dubstep
post 050 - photos of things eaten by trees
post 051 - description of the header
post 052 - shackleton's opus, "death is not final", highly downloaded
post 053 - freaky military walker robot, awesome giant unicycle bike
post 054 - arthur c. clarke memorial
post 055 - carved pencils remind me of tom freidman
post 056 - happy spring plus a collection of miniature bonsai fruit trees
post 057 - initial obama endorsement with "cumbia de obama"
post 058 - in-depth endorsement of obama with analysis and disclaimers
post 059 - photos of art made of books, awesome art crisis gun
post 060 - profile of idm trade and the magic of juju two mp3 bloggers
post 061 - announcement of sandor katz lecture, fermented foods icon
post 062 - playground equipment generates power at school
post 063 - pittsburgh man cuts off finger, regrows it like a lizard
post 064 - interactive chess shows force lines of pieces
post 065 - a study of sufi music, both traditional and modern versions
post 066 - hip hop top spinning, profile of metafilter, ask metafilter
post 067 - onion video - most important issue of campaign is bullshit
post 068 - bill cowan outs pentagon paying journalists
post 069 - all-wooden drum instruments, amazing cajon playing video
post 070 - four songs about anarchy, dead prez, john lennon, etc...
post 071 - photo of my wife and i with wall of riot police, anarchist musings
post 072 - photo set of my travels to the alhambra
post 073 - report back from sandor katz lecture, fermented veggie recipe

april 2008

post 074 - german hackers steal fingerprints of public officials
post 075 - man swims around your web browser gently
post 076 - "how to speak hip", hilarious sample mining source
post 077 - i debate the venerable takuan on the topic of remote viewing
post 078 - i tell you all that i like borges' writing
post 079 - the tiny online drum sequencer
post 080 - reasonable television journalism with paxman/olbermann
post 081 - surveillance theme/capable bird house
post 082 - squarepusher's track "hanningfield window", gushing tribute
post 083 - dubstep/techno smash "metric" from ellen allien & apparat
post 084 - article on biomimetics, or "science mimicking nature"
post 085 - three tracks i was feeling and one i intuitively knew to post
post 086 - great turkish tunes, video, photo of blue mosque
post 087 - the sad facades of clear-cutting, philip glass tune
post 088 - eight great links, only one "dated"
post 089 - brain-punishing geometrical illusion
post 090 - profile of author derrick jensen, and his thinking thoughts
post 091 - 8 songs that i play a whole lot, and a musical/spiritual diamond
post 092 - super hick hand skills video
post 093 - lolcats take on white privilege
post 094 - my sister sums it up
post 095 - obama on art and hip hop
post 096 - beautiful mostly-abstract painting of christine grey
post 097 - a glowing tribute of big bad bill ayers
post 098 - scan of an awesome iranian dome
post 099 - scan of an italian decorative paper
post 100 - scan of a goofy reader's digest "pleasure programmer"
post 101 - scans of islamic geometry how-tos
post 102 - dan tague's origami with money
post 103 - steve kurtz wins his case!
post 104 - darth vader statue of liberty and others
post 105 - benefit announcement, a mashup of kraftwerk w/ balkan music
post 106 - attorney client privilege during wiretapping cases, bad bush
post 107 - child deejays work it
post 108 - obama picks v.p. and it's an old lady with opinions
post 109 - albert hoffman dies at 102 years old... l.s.d. still a mystery
post 110 - my first post about sex, still very popular, the movie short bus

may 2008

post 111 - mayday from a pagan and anarchist perspective
post 112 - mayday anti-war compilation
post 113 - dino 5, children's hip hop group
post 114 - d.c. madam gets suicided, serious cover up here folks
post 115 - omar souleyman the talented (and weird) pop star from syria
post 116 - getting high pt. 2 people up very high, dan osman video, wow
post 117 - nik ainley's art and typography
post 118 - greenpeace victory over doves palm oil plantations
post 119 - i submit geometry piece for moleskine consideration
post 120 - eight great links, two "dated"
post 121 - extensive manuscript scan library
post 122 - questionable prank for the mail
post 123 - bone marrow donation announcement
post 124 - i declare the clintons presidential ambitions finished
post 125 - osama bin laden's son's plans for peace and great hair
post 126 - i love techno a-z abe duque - autechre
post 127 - i love techno a-z baby ford - bruce haack
post 128 - beautiful close up photos of individual grains of sand
post 129 - annoying pro obama music video i can't help but like
post 130 - more spanish obama songs
post 131 - graffiti from the wooster collective
post 132 - i draw attention to the links on the left of the blog
post 133 - link to laura's list of 100 awesome things, highly reccomended
post 134 - sierra leone fashion on the "street"
post 135 - chinese reproduction artists paint themselves
post 136 - i love techno a-z cajmere - cylob
post 137 - ed rendell hurts pennsylvania's forest
post 138 - hillary bashing of a deserved nature, funny video
post 139 - slovenian intellectual slavoj zizek interview excerpt
post 140 - beautiful, functional fractal dresser
post 141 - saddhus, great photos of these hindu mystics
post 142 - four good links from the not so great drudge report
post 143 - george w bush lies about stopping golf for the troops, good photo
post 144 - german performance artist appears to float off buildings
post 145 - exoskelton technology video
post 146 - great business card designs
post 147 - charity "shelter boxes" for disaster victims
post 148 - drumming of the great mohammed reza mortazavi
post 149 - attempted change of template announcement
post 150 - the real john mccain 2 video
post 151 - change of template fail
post 152 - goofy republican ads
post 153 - local burning man "wickerman" report back
post 154 - dubai, kinetic poetry, brain science and kj sawka drums jungle
post 155 - a re-examination of the war on drugs
post 156 - rest in peace, utah phillips
post 157 - 5 scans from my travel sketchbook, one of my favorite drawings
post 158 - sprawling post, dj ripley, cauto banger, jay electronica, politics
post 159 - stupid indiana jones crystal skulls post
post 160 - huge political post with over thirty links, some "dated"
post 161 - goofy republican ad
post 162 - kid gets crump
post 163 - review of the great "wtf nature?" community on odd nature
post 164 - a humorous bit of "fry & laurie" for my sister

june 2008

post 165 - hidden drawer, useful plants, graffiti, cute animals, robot
post 166 - scott mcclellan finally gets hard questions from jon stewart
post 167 - the gorgeous aptera, electric car of the jetsons
post 168 - i love techno a-z daft punk - drop the lime
post 169 - packard jennings super amazing mail art, don't miss
post 170 - moment of funny john mccain zen
post 171 - beautiful hair designs in the shape of animals
post 172 - spanish civil war veteran lecture report back with comments
post 173 - rest in peace teo macero, overcast radio track
post 174 - dennis kucinich impeachment with links to evidence
post 175 - dubstep show reportback, quick dubstep/etc mix, demolition
post 176 - stupendous japanese contact juggler
post 177 - the bizarre aerodynamic forms of luigi colani
post 178 - link to a gorgeously designed website
post 179 - spoof video "why i'm voting republican"
post 180 - patching ancient walls with legos
post 181 - thought provoking philosophical exam, subtle photo
post 182 - the fascinating story of luisa isabel, lesbian duchess
post 183 - personal post, photo of me and my son at new york dolls show
post 184 - giant eco post, my most well-researched and most popular post
post 185 - the enchanting sounds of the rare hang drum
post 186 - obama gets some necessary criticism
post 187 - wacky facts about my father's family, what is being informed?

july 2008

post 188 - strange maps from reader carlos's blog
post 189 - photoshopped? image of one woman resisting many police
post 190 - a geeky democratic candidate's house burns down, how to help
post 191 - a drum and bass track ruins me for the first time in a while
post 192 - impressive video of cornstarch and water on a subwoofer
post 193 - personal travel update for oregon, two great photos
post 194 - a string of personal synchronicity involving sufis and peacocks
post 195 - ridiculous example of lack of journalistic integrity at fox "news"
post 196 - reportback from the classic and excellent oregon country fair
post 197 - a few followup ditties to my giant eco post
post 198 - personal message, done with month of travels
post 199 - tambour battant track, "bleep" another drum n bass banger
post 200 - a personal story weighing art on the web vs. art face to face


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