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synchronous breathing

>> Monday, July 28, 2008

do as one. from laura's post about it:

"it's a breathing synchronizer. you watch this soothing icon expand and contract as you breathe in synch with people all over the world (when i was using it, 193 people were logged on, with a map showing where they were located.) you can even choose to customize the display with a color, a meditation timer, and a few other widgets, or clear the screen so you're just looking at this thing.

there are a few other "rooms" available for different meditation exercises, but you have to donate in order to get access to them, which is particularly sketchy since they don't really say what the donations go to. still, you only have to donate a dollar for a month of access, so i might try it. and anyway, the free one is cool. of course you don't need something like this to meditate, but sometimes it helps. now if it just had a soothing cheesy soundtrack..."

i can provide the cheesy soundtrack... two of my favorite "chillout/downtempo" electronic tunes.

(mp3) irresistable force - "the lie-in king"
from it's tommorow already
(mp3) dj food - "minitoka" from kaleidoscope

breathing is a bridge to "god" (and health)


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