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aesthetic visuals

>> Friday, August 29, 2008

the first is a still from baraka that my friend count zero used recently on his blog. the still is from kecak, as far as i can tell, and i know it mostly as an excellent rave visual. powerful piece of film, and worth watching the whole movie to see this part:

this utterly inspirational piece of photography/digital art comes from mostly fahion firm mi-zo... great work in the music section and the first fashion gallery... much of it nsfw.

white tigers, while usually inbred are quite beautiful. this one from a gallery in pravda i found via watching america.

dolce q is an aesthetic duo out of rome that specializes in bold graphics, hearts, nude women and money-inspired etching style... it's usually a formula for blingy trash porn, but with them it takes a gorgeous form of it's own... peep the portfolio... definitely nsfw

this is a drawing of my hand i did when i was 17. the poetry i cropped off was so embarassing... and twisted, but the drawing is still my best of hands that i'm aware of. i've been going through old sketchbooks and scanning, so this has prompted a study of my aesthetics... maybe more to come on this?


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