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the far "right" and obama fears

>> Sunday, August 17, 2008

it occurred to me almost instantly when obama came into focus for me in early 2008. what will happen if he's elected in this country with some population of violent bigots?

ignoring for a moment the dangers of a racist secret service, what about klan people claiming he'll be shot?

what about those who want barrack to win to push people to their "cause", or so he "fails" and provokes race war?

it's particularly disturbing to me considering how this country seems to ignore the (larger!) percentage of white terrorists in (lack-luster) search of the darker variety. in this story of bradley khale, the judge let him go after he said he wanted barrack obama dead, and that he planned to go to pittsburgh (my home city) and to et aon rooftops and shoot black people. the article asks,

"Would I be crazy to suspect that if he were a Muslim talking about shooting white people from a high rise and hoping John McCain would get killed, no judge on earth would let him go?"

no, you wouldn't.

the mccain campaign isn't going out of it's way to avoid making matters worse. a lot of the crazies involved in racist violence identify as christian, though any real christian would find them abhorent, and mccain's ads like "the one" have stoked the popular right-wing narrative that obama is somehow the anti-christ. some have drawn comparisons between the ad's portrayal of obama and the main character in the "left behind" novels, but even the creators of the christian fiction series say obama is clean. that doesn't stop the smear machine though, and the emotional decision making is a serious factor in american politics.

a breif addendum on the "law enforcement approach to terrorism" that i found while researching this story is here.


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