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photographer pwns McCain!!!

>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

my diary over at the daily kos
has the rest... and the backstory on this... the jist is that the atlantic hired jill grenberg, a committed democrat, to shoot john mccain for a recent cover story... he didn't notice that while she had vanity lights set up she was really firing under the chin strobes... HA! pwnd... he looks like an evil super-villian...

UPDATE: i had to delete my diary on the kos because of copywrong issues, so... jill greenberg's site (with these shots frontpaged for now) is here, the original photo district news article is here, the pictures are here (WARNING... some REALLY FREAKY shots with shark mouths, blood etc...) a lot of people claimed that posting these images didn't help obama, or reflected badly on kos... i bowed to the will of the community, but it was an complicated issue in my opinion. i think that anyone who is as pro-bloodshed as john mccain should have to deal with getting a sharkmouth photoshopped in by a professional photographer... there is similar hubub over at the metafilter page where i found these photos...


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