Hi. I used to use this blog a lot more than i do now. I don't agree with much of what i've posted here, but such is the nature of time. :) My instagram & facebook are likely to be more up to date.

time for a bunch of different stimulus

>> Sunday, September 7, 2008

very cool idea for peace between israel and neighbors, the valley of peace!
(nsfw?) the always stunning audrey kawasaki's new show is beautiful.
i heard a good flow on democracy now from son of none, socialist mc...
via boingboing, this printable concrete housing has some huge potential.
ever been curious what others consider important to do before they die?
i may have mentioned this, but the street art of dan witz is highly creative.
a compilation of 45 different designs for artificial islands, some eco.
for those of you who don't want to steal photoshop, pixlr is free and online!
this sound to glass art (below) is highly beautiful. frozen sound, more here.


got money? feed kids!

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