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>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

image above by limkis

so it's been really cold here in pittsburgh. we've been really busy, and really cold. but things are good overall and i now have moment to blog:

of the many sites i read to keep up with the election, the huffington post remains the most relevant. apparently, i'm not the only one who thinks so. for the record, fivethirtyeight.com ended up being pretty much exactly right about the election, though (head poll analyst and founder) nate silver may have under-shot the democrats majority in congress (looking close to 60, folks!!!), i'll definitely be checking back with nate in two years.

well, bush definitely is trying some dirty tricks on the way out, and we haven't even gotten to the pardons yet... luckily obama has had a team of lawyers researching which of bushes executive orders can be overturned by the incoming president rapidly, including some environmental laws, stem-cell research policy and reproductive rights. for those (like me) not turned off by obama's religion, this is a fascinating interview with him on the subject from 2004... good interview with obama's "brain trust" here. many of them have recently recieved cabinet positions. if you only read one thing related to the election, read the yinsurgent's brilliant "joe the plumber and the american pipe dream" analysis you won't find anywhere else, gaurunteed.

a few new amazing technologies caught my eye: a new windpipe grown from stem-cells was successfully transplanted into a mother of two. a new software can make duplicate keys from photos, even satellite photos... hide your keys! mulitcolr allows you to search for images by up to ten colors at once... a related nice site is this one from google and life magazine, featuring milions of archived photos from life. writerhymes has built-in rhyme suggestion for aspiring emcees. oh, and i want to make one of these shrink-plastic rings.

rob simpson broke down the cost of the iraq war to intelligable units, like "we could buy every human on the planet a 4gb ipod!". speaking of war, james brett thinks the war in afghanistan can be won with pomegranates.

in green news, there is always upcycling... also check out this fridge without electricity. if you need more green news you can always check treehugger.

in music, i've been digging the watcha clan, some of the latin stuff off this lomaximo site, and someone pointed me to infinite livez, but i haven't heard much yet. i've been playing with this 30-piece band recently. i owe some uploads related to that. also, this seems like a good resource for mastering information, courtesy of the dutty bredren.

in art, i've been math obsessed (save for my new black and white painting matthu stull has been bugging me to do for five years!)... i really like these impossible fractals. the site is stupid but i'm interested in illusionary motion like this counter-rotational spiral.

in news of the weird, this gentleman insists he's not a douchebag, this 6,000,000 pound mansion has fallen to artist squatters, "sticks" entered into toy hall of fame, and this is a really weird outfit.


11:11 11/11

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

imagine being able to remember everything.
11AM 11/11/1918 was armistice day of world war 1.
thoughts connected to thoughts like the dactyl fractal.



via michael nighttime


architecture and art blast.

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

i doubt it has anything to do with alcoholic buddhists like guru rinpoche, but someone built this buddhist temple out of 1 million beer bottles. via lloyd khan. earlier temple.

speaking of temples, the world's oldest temple was recently discovered... supposedly it's older than stonehenge by about 6,000 years. nice. someone got to call it gobekli tepe, and it's beautiful. via smithsonian.

totally awesome splash sculpture realized through computer modeling of water and lots of metal. beautiful... definitely check the other photos on this link: via we make money not art.

i'm so glad there are serious geeks out there to do stuff like this real, physical, escher realization so i don't have to. click this next link to see the view that explains how they made the "belvedere" and other classics: via gershon elber.

great wheatpastes in india by c125. great photos of shoe shine boys selling grafitti stickers and tons more on the link: via c125 via wooster collective.

last but not least, my friend lily visited and told us about family friend liu dan's work... i can't find much online, but what i've seen is beautiful. huge ink landscapes and goregous studies of rocks. another here. they're really expensive, unfortunately, cause i want one.


false equivalencies

>> Saturday, November 8, 2008

well, after the election much is the same, but some things are diferent...

you've got community farmers getting evicted, but the dead are being brought back to life.

you've got politician's double-talking, but also a right-wing smear baron going bankrupt.

you've got cops and prison owners fighting for drug laws, but drug laws getting repealed.

you've got "christian" bankers worshiping the golden calf (pictured), but, well...

barack obama!


zero gravity sound...

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

i really like zero g sound. they use rapidshare, which is annoying, but the selections are deep. it's easiest to browse back in time with an rss reader like google reader. they are on a classical tip right now, but they love old revolutionary musics...


talking union
politics, violence and intrigue in trinidad
teacher don't teach me nonsense
german labor songs
word sound 'ave power - dub poetry
songs of the spanish civil war
songs of the international brigade
songs of joe hill
voices of the civil rights movement

tons of other great stuff, african music, reggae, early and influential punk, folk and jazz...

mikey dread
cannonball adderly
bertolt brecht/klaus kinski
sun ra
the ex

dig it.

note: the image above left is a candle flame in zero gravity


picture of the night

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

christine king farris, sister of martin luther king jr. reacts to the news in atlanta... precious.

it was crazy here in pittsburgh, crowds of people in the streets, horns, gunshots, fireworks...


obama election day mix

>> Monday, November 3, 2008

my birthday is november 10th.
the first best gift is my wonderful family.
the second best birthday gift would be an obama victory.
the third best gift is that the yinsurrectionary times is back up! (maybe?)

anyway, my gift to you today is an obama election day mix

all the goodies are here... jay-z, nas, rock city, fosforo, will i am, jeezy, steel pulse, obama himself, even a little sam cooke... bump it out your speakers... and VOTE!!!


p.s. (note to yinsurgent... i'll write you in some other election!!! & i missed you much.)


it will be zesty

>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

from "a night with chris matthews" from the new york times...

“Think of the Kennedys,” Mr. Matthews said, when asked the impact on Washington if Obama wins. “A mixed administration. Pragmatic. Some liberal tendencies, not overwhelming. Very tough. Very smart. Thin ties — are you looking at this?” He demonstrated on his own black silk tie, folding it in half. “Well-turned-out men. No sloppiness. Just work.

“It will be zesty,” he added."



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