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>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

i doubt it has anything to do with alcoholic buddhists like guru rinpoche, but someone built this buddhist temple out of 1 million beer bottles. via lloyd khan. earlier temple.

speaking of temples, the world's oldest temple was recently discovered... supposedly it's older than stonehenge by about 6,000 years. nice. someone got to call it gobekli tepe, and it's beautiful. via smithsonian.

totally awesome splash sculpture realized through computer modeling of water and lots of metal. beautiful... definitely check the other photos on this link: via we make money not art.

i'm so glad there are serious geeks out there to do stuff like this real, physical, escher realization so i don't have to. click this next link to see the view that explains how they made the "belvedere" and other classics: via gershon elber.

great wheatpastes in india by c125. great photos of shoe shine boys selling grafitti stickers and tons more on the link: via c125 via wooster collective.

last but not least, my friend lily visited and told us about family friend liu dan's work... i can't find much online, but what i've seen is beautiful. huge ink landscapes and goregous studies of rocks. another here. they're really expensive, unfortunately, cause i want one.


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