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zero gravity sound...

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

i really like zero g sound. they use rapidshare, which is annoying, but the selections are deep. it's easiest to browse back in time with an rss reader like google reader. they are on a classical tip right now, but they love old revolutionary musics...


talking union
politics, violence and intrigue in trinidad
teacher don't teach me nonsense
german labor songs
word sound 'ave power - dub poetry
songs of the spanish civil war
songs of the international brigade
songs of joe hill
voices of the civil rights movement

tons of other great stuff, african music, reggae, early and influential punk, folk and jazz...

mikey dread
cannonball adderly
bertolt brecht/klaus kinski
sun ra
the ex

dig it.

note: the image above left is a candle flame in zero gravity


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