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happy new year!

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008


fuck war

>> Sunday, December 28, 2008

above: wounded palestinian girl taken to hospital in gaza.
below: palestinian children hide from israeli airstrikes

photos via.


mokobe - politique

>> Friday, December 26, 2008

i want that t-shirt... i'll send twenty smashing african albums to anyone who buys one for me. anyway, here's a track: (mp3)Mokobé (feat. Manu Chao, Amadou et Mariam, Tiken Jah Fakoly & Fou Malade) - "politique" from "mon afrique". it features a sample from this equally beautiful (but not for the club) kora track: (mp3)toumani diabate - "mankoman djan" from "djelika" (which is a great album to play for your parents...)

the mokobé track is hot and beautiful. according to (early internet holdover) babelfish translation, the lyrics are:

"Barrels of petrol barrels of blood C' is us the puppets with the eyes of the powerful ones One repeats that with the children looks at and learns Blows of machetes in the camps d' innocent Démocrathie of the black a band with costumes One is artisants between the hammer and l' anvil Exile without house in l' north coming from the south and considering qu' the hunger is stronger qu' the pigeons qu' one plucks policy aims at bleuf in your mouth your model c' political bulge is bush you speak in l' wind you spit on people you us ments knowingly you n' ace aucuns politicking feelings aya refrain! Politics means blood Politics means shout Politics means human being Politics means fools That' S why my friend is year obviousness Politics means violence Why my friend is year obviousness Politics means violence J' m' does not address to the d' chiefs; state But to the fathers who you are We let us be your children for qu' l' humanity thrives Are honest the world of tomorrow With each one of us l' must; to build owes l' to undergo to include/understand people hello d' access your neighbor l' future In a world or the balls have more d' influence qu' a bulletin d' vote Qu' is not necessary; one s' vautre have Politique kill' S One dreams all d' a peace One dreams all of peace 2007 We want only things clear and clear Mokobé, sick Fu, Tinder and Mariam, Tiken Jah Fakoli Manu Chao We want that peace, for everyone!"


in case you haven't had enough... UPDATED!

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...there are a ton more gospel dancing/christian freakout video footage mashed with techstep. HILARIOUS... thank you to the airloaf.

here's my other fave:

as laura said, i'd love to find the original footage for these to hear the audio. unfortunately it's probably more often like this or even this than glossalia type shit...

UPDATE: elder mason, who founded the church of god in christ is seen in this video praise dancing. apparently it's a pentecostal thing. appalachian pentecostal dancing (complete with falling backward!) can be found in this video. it seems related to gospel dancing and more carribean and african stles of dance worship like these haitians. none of the videos i've found are as full-out wild as the baptazia videos. some christians HATE this dancing...(as in, "PSA 150:4 Praising God in a fully clothed personal dance to give thanks for spiritual freedom is acceptable, but the sexes must be separated in different rooms.") some just worry about the influence of the so-called "charismatic movement"on their worship services. anyway, here's a video... it's not drum and bass this time, but same idea...

if you still haven't had enough (specifically christian) weirdness, click here for some small town delights...

also, NOTE: i think this is great stuff. i'm not hatin' on these people. uninhibited movement is crucial to liberation, in my opinion. whether it's christian, crazed dervishes, all-male afghan nightclub dancing, secret iranian women freakouts or actual ravers, freedom is freedom. just hide your money in your shoe...


František Kupka

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

František Kupka
... my favorite painter that i barely know anything about. i've been seeing snippets of images from him here and there for years. this is a recent batch i scared up. matthu stull showed me a book of his in 2001. he's definitely on to something (for the early part of last century, anyway...) he was part of the section d'or (golden section), as was marcel duchamp.

he started in a realistic style, although in a fairly fantastic "art nouveau" style a la alphonse mucha, displayed hear by "view from inside a carraige" (or something like that.)

he's more well known for his abstract work, however. i'm not a big fan of these chunks of black, blue and red paintings, although he did a bunch of them.

i find the more luxurious use of color he was prone to more inspiring. so did the synchromists.

he also had a morose side to his forms and color palette. i love the bleak light in this one. i hope it's HUGE... like ten feet tall!

this is from my favorite section of his work. it's from "the discs of newton" and gets into his color theory a bit. i love the use of multiple versions of a color in the same painting, like using crimson and cadmium. try it sometime, it's tough to organize! he was interested in the relationship between music and painting, hoped to "free colors of their descriptive associations" and was kind of anti-surrealist.


that veiled gazelle digest issue #300

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

welcome this fine friday! here is a picture of my 17-month old son, river...

MP3, MUSIC: so, in honor of the riaa ending it's policy of lawsuits against music sharing, let's start with some tracks... just some heat i've been scorched by recently all .zip'ped up on mediafire...

(mp3)bass clef - cannot be straightened
(mp3)adam tensta - dobeboy feat. eboi
(mp3)reso - if ya can't beat em
(mp3)barry lynn - new orleans
(mp3)king midas sound - lost (flying lotus mix)
(mp3)black lips - veni vidi vici (diplo remix)

note: i've noticed some of my links to mediafire were dead, even if the files are still there, so feel free to hassle me about fixing broken links... it doesn't take long once i know about it. i just fixed the links on "8 songs, 1 spirit" for instance.

NATURE, WEIRD: a lot of attention has been paid to the thailand tiger temple monks, but you should watch out for their dubious conservation claims. if you want heart-warming animal-human friendships stories you should stick with (warning: youtube link with cheesy music)christian the lion. more on christian here.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, WEIRD: another dream (nightmare?) come true... scientists have made it possible to reconstruct the images in a person's mind and display them on a computer monitor. all i want is "audio out". forget playing music, just imagine music and record it! it's similar to this bionic eye device that goes from video to neuron. anyway, a brain cell totally looks like the universe. that's no surprise to fans of the holographic model, or self similarity. anyway, belief likely exists in the brain, but did you know that more people believe in aliens and ghosts than believe in god? one burglar believed enough to be trapped by a ghost for three days (unless it was real!).

ART: both zoe lacchai and thomas woodruff do good figural work. there is occasionally good work on cgunit (NSFW), but it's a bit obsessed with naked ladies and reminds laura of the style of work in juxtapoz. some swedish guy has been investing in unethical companies and distributing the profits for art purposes. fine, but it reminds me of that old refrain, "i need to make money before i can do good..." that MIGHT be the case occasionally... but it usually is an excuse. other good art on the web recently has been the skull-a-day, this visionary art collection, and this surreal art collection. also, is selling your life art?

HUMOR: potty-mouthed chemists naming weird molecules. 20 ways to win spiritual arguments. also, good ammo against those anti-gay marriage who talk about upholding biblical marriage standards.

POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY, ANARCHY: is history repeating itself? given recent predictions of dire straights in the US soon, preposterous expenditures by the government, revolutions seem more likely in our future. it's been argued that a democratic president is actually better for helping these revolutions occur, of course, it's been argued it won't. the yinsurgent continues to be a site of this debate, and the greek riots, including updates from some of our comrades on the ground there. I liked the article on the possible role of labor in revolutionary structures. also, given some of the pardons dubya has made already, i'm surprised people aren't after bush legalizing drugs (obama recently said he isn't in favor of legalization).

MOVER: great post on the passing of studs terkel with information on oral histories. alton ellis just died in october. his political reggae like "arise black man"(torrent) was classic, but equally so we're tracks like "dance crasher" and "girl i've got a date" from his lover side... i'm also a little sad it took me this long to learn about superbarrio.

D.I.Y.: indian food-making videos. benga dubstep-making videos. cop-busting. coupons for online stores. incredible text techniques in photoshop.

LEFTOVERS: some great writing (and great music) in a recent post by carlos...

"I simply wish to underline the extremely complex interplay between the local and the foreign in the non-space that is the internet. English-speaking Spanish folks tipped off to the situation in the Western Sahara, adolescent racists with shitty spelling, French and Spanish kids of Arab descent, stereotyping hip-hop fans, a French speaker from Marrakech, all participating in the politics of a music video with a political bent of its own. YouTube as a behavioral economist's nightmare: a true Tower of Babel in which transient avatars are speaking in different languages, exchanging imperfect information with no shortage of subjectively invisible linguistic violence, slicing through a vast majority made up of Arabic-language commenters."
also, getting good press is as easy as paying people, revenge of the nerds filmaker makes something for the homeless, expensive but awesome log bowls and a (useful?) start page.

VIDEO: as wayne (from whose great digest format i based this post) would call it, videyoga (via):


body worlds report back

>> Saturday, December 13, 2008

absolutely breath taking, especially the circulatory system, the fetuses and the brain slices. if you don't know about body worlds, and the plastination process, start here. i saw it at the leonardo in salt lake. they have a brief video on the exhibition site.


automobile revision

building on the crimethinc post i just made, i figured i would post about my initial connection to that organization. for those not familiar with this project it's easily one of the coolest things i've ever been involved with. in the summer of 2001 i had a lot of free time (and a bad haircut) and i emailed my favorite artists, promising my talents to their efforts. after learning i could edit video, loved music and could tinker, mark dixon invited me to be locked in a room for two weeks with a car for the purpose of turning it into musical instruments. we we're joined by eric nugent, etta cetera and steven tesh, food, water and tools and we made a ton of awesome instruments.

the original website (hat tip to the wayback machine) is here.
eric's got a little site on it here.
mark's new band is here.

anyway here's the video of the project... it's almost a half hour and it's in three parts. very entertaining, i'm told.


blasts from the past

while researching my delayed response to the still thought-provoking thread on the yinsurgent's open letter to "anarchists" who voted for obama i came across the crimethinc far east blog.

laura and i were loosely affiliated with some of the folks who began the crimethinc "ex-workers collective" for many years and still promote some of their early works.

i had long ago written off the web presence of crimethinc due to some seriously stupid web forums, and to a certain extent grown indifferent to their continuing literary and artistic output.

however, i found the blog compelling and refreshing. i was unaware of their new biannual journal, rolling thunder and it looks a positive venture. i'll read some of the pdfs soon, and maybe buy one.

they had their own take on the obama debate... it focused more directly to an anarchist audience than their less-confrontational 2004 effort, but similarly posed some good ideas.

among them was the notion of side-stepping the pro or anti obama debate altogether to focus on the direct economic and environmental threats facing us regardless.

one commenter brought up the notion of very localized efforts, promoting debtor's cartels in response to the economic mess. i've always found local action more appealing.

overall i am honored to debate the issue with such bright folks, and i think everyone is making good points. it may be a distraction from rioting, but debate is healthy.

the real stuff will always be autonomy, food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and the sacredness of the environment. i'll detail how i pick which tactics when i write my response.


john lennon

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

r.i.p. december 8th, 1980.
i was 29 days old.


extra music new

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

image credit word soup.

last night i found an awesome music blog, "extra music new"... (it takes practice!)

check the dubstep archive. it's HUGE, and very high quality. they have pretty much everything on boomkat's dubstep charts. other music there too, but the dubstep seems to be of particularly high quality.

i found everything i wanted. the new starkey disc, new kode9 12", the new skull disco comp, joker & rustie's new 12", new 2562 album, the new neil landstrumm album, even the actress album. WOWZA!!! i've got too much bass to listen to now.


how cool is this...

via can of thought (great dubstep mixes on that site, too...)

and this one is actually real...


i'm not dead...

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

we just went east for thanksgiving, and now we're west for early december (and then north for christmas). as such, blogging has been tough and may be tough. no promises for now. so i will just toss a smattering of stuff again out there for chewing... mp3s at the bottom.

absolutely DO NOT MISS laura's awesome nature find. it let's you put in your zipcode and gives you pictures and information about all the species that live there. super cool. get your naturalist on, people!

i read this fascinating article this morning on how the web was almost completely compromised, and the security threats to come. surprisingly readable...

this is good news from the president-elect. obama is going to post the groups he meets with on change.gov, along with the policy wish-lists they bring with them and allow the public to discuss them. he doesn't have to listento the public, but at least he's sharing the dirt. can you imagine bush (or mccain) doing that?

my good friend the yinsurgent posted this thought-provoking letter to anarchists who voted for obama. i disagree with much of his assessment, but it's worth a gander. the comments get a little feisty. i'm waiting to post my detailed response to the yinsurgent, because there are a ton of points to cover, but in the meantime, watch this video showing bush knew katrina was a big danger before the levees were breached. if nothing else, it makes me feel like the choice of president, while certainly not offering the choices we may prefer (say, "none of the above"), does still have some impact on people's lives. it's three minutes. watch it.

i find this collection of photographs a funny twist on this style of photograph.

if you've ever known someone to get hurt because of stupidity about drugs, consider buying one of these glass molecule reproductions from erowid.org, the webs premiere clearing-house of unbiased information about drug health and law.

and these are the dubstep tunes that have been making me explode recently. they are all .zipped up. whine in the comments if that makes it harder for you. if you are the artist and want your track taken down, no sweat. email me. i took down l.v. and dandelion's track "cctv", but it's still hot.

(mp3)shackleton - el din pt. 1
(mp3)bassnectar - heads up
(mp3)modeselektor - the black block (rustie remix)
(mp3)subswara - alabaster dub
(mp3)clouds - too much
(mp3)osc - evolution


got money? feed kids!

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