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>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

we just went east for thanksgiving, and now we're west for early december (and then north for christmas). as such, blogging has been tough and may be tough. no promises for now. so i will just toss a smattering of stuff again out there for chewing... mp3s at the bottom.

absolutely DO NOT MISS laura's awesome nature find. it let's you put in your zipcode and gives you pictures and information about all the species that live there. super cool. get your naturalist on, people!

i read this fascinating article this morning on how the web was almost completely compromised, and the security threats to come. surprisingly readable...

this is good news from the president-elect. obama is going to post the groups he meets with on change.gov, along with the policy wish-lists they bring with them and allow the public to discuss them. he doesn't have to listento the public, but at least he's sharing the dirt. can you imagine bush (or mccain) doing that?

my good friend the yinsurgent posted this thought-provoking letter to anarchists who voted for obama. i disagree with much of his assessment, but it's worth a gander. the comments get a little feisty. i'm waiting to post my detailed response to the yinsurgent, because there are a ton of points to cover, but in the meantime, watch this video showing bush knew katrina was a big danger before the levees were breached. if nothing else, it makes me feel like the choice of president, while certainly not offering the choices we may prefer (say, "none of the above"), does still have some impact on people's lives. it's three minutes. watch it.

i find this collection of photographs a funny twist on this style of photograph.

if you've ever known someone to get hurt because of stupidity about drugs, consider buying one of these glass molecule reproductions from erowid.org, the webs premiere clearing-house of unbiased information about drug health and law.

and these are the dubstep tunes that have been making me explode recently. they are all .zipped up. whine in the comments if that makes it harder for you. if you are the artist and want your track taken down, no sweat. email me. i took down l.v. and dandelion's track "cctv", but it's still hot.

(mp3)shackleton - el din pt. 1
(mp3)bassnectar - heads up
(mp3)modeselektor - the black block (rustie remix)
(mp3)subswara - alabaster dub
(mp3)clouds - too much
(mp3)osc - evolution


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