Hi. I used to use this blog a lot more than i do now. I don't agree with much of what i've posted here, but such is the nature of time. :) My instagram & facebook are likely to be more up to date.

industrial hemp

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

ever since listening to the erudite, funny and irreverant "grow more pot" by jello biafra, i've been a big advocate of industrial hemp. the more i learn about the specific uses of hemp, the more ludacris it's marginalization seems to me. the debate about the industrial (and medical) uses of marijuana/cannabis/hemp should supercede the debate over the psychoactive uses, in my opinion. the criminalization and over-regulation of the hemp industry is really stupid, and denies the world some truly excellent products. i shot these pictures in a hemp store in glastonbury, england. i wrote the captions underneath the photos so you don't have to click to read them.

"bast fibre - from the outer cortex of the stem are the strongest fibres in the plant kingdom, with a tensile strength 4 times greater than cotton. can be made into twine and rope, woven into fabric, made into fine quality papers (like bank notes) or used in insulating materials."

"hemp rope - did you know that henry VII passed laws making the cultivation of hemp mandatory for farmers? the hemp was used to make the rope, sailcloth and sailors uniforms needed for the royal navy which he set up."

"hemp hurds - from the inner stem very high in cellulose can be compressed into fibre board, mixed with lime and water to make 'hempcrete, pulped to make paper, processed into a wide range of plastics, or simply used as insulation or animal bedding."

"hempcrete brick - made from hemp hurds, lime and water. as it cures it draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and petrifies the cellulose into stone. within 50 years it is solid as rock. this building technique is at least 2000 years old."

"hemp plastic sandles - compressing hurds at very high pressures extracts the cellulose that can then be used to make a wide variety of plastics. did you know that henry ford built a hemp plastic car and feuled it on hemp ethanol?"

hemp composite chair - this was really strong and smooth to the touch. it would make a great desk...


that veiled gazette issue #325

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

photograph of tinfoil i shot recently...

: bolachas grátis is back! beat does it better (albums up for three days only). local (to pittsburgh) hip hop dj archives his tape collection... recently i've been downloading great stuff from torrentech... it's invite-only, but if you love electronic music and are cool with uploading to stay on (need to upload 30% of what you download...) email me for an invite. great research into some dubstep sample sources here (and right on time, apparently). and MUZAK FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY!!! anyway, here are this issues mp3s, all .zipped up on mediafire like usual...

(mp3) atom™ - "insulting the dj" - cheeky minimal banger
(mp3) lv - "takeover (dub)" feat. dandelion? - beautiful epic dub reggae
(mp3) dj mujava - "township funk" (radioclit remix) - funky hipster shit
(mp3) alarm will sound - "4" - 20-piece orchestra covering aphex twin

i definitely believed some of these 5 myths about U.S. prison growth. pentagon hiding torture information from obama. speaking of obama, you can track how he's doing on his promises here at the obamameter. at least he's bringing back the FOIA. given that 8 in 10 corporations use off-shore tax havens, it's pretty cool that swiss bank accounts may not work so well anymore. iran's people are A LOT more moderate than their overlords. this article about french radicals is both hilarious and disturbing. confrontational graffiti on headless fuck-object advertisements. other people are pissed off at virgin mary fashion spreads and pron spreads. and did you know you are being lied to about pirates?

ART, ARCHITECTURE: the architecture of takis zenetos is profiled in bldgblog... fragile, desert dwellings and nice canyon turbine design there... i recently touted the art on basic_sounds, but if you haven't seen it check it out (albums there, too...) this art is sure to piss some people off, but the event that inspired it was one of the best performances of 2008. following the election... a group of people turned bush street in SF into obama street. incredible, colorful graffiti from guatemala. the designer's republic is dead, sort of. if you aren't familiar with their (mostly awesome design) work, you can see some here.

ECO, TECHNOLOGY: riding a bike is great for the planet, but it's a lot safer with a laser bike lane (pictured above). google's powermeter seems cool. this person seems to think it's better than wind and solar energy combined. also, 7 "green" daily show moments. the first video is classic, if infuriating. i've blogged about living buildings, but this may be easier to implement: living walls. i met solar cooking designer bart orlando at the oregon county fair... watched him boil water with the sun. there is a very non-eco side of me that loves insane research vehicles like the maximog and the unibox. btw, bush actually did something cool before he left office.

WEIRD, HUMOR: one of my favorite headfucks is telling people about the pagan origin of the days of the week. rufus is awesome at slingshot. far out lindy hop. terry pratchett becomes a knight. this woman clearly isn't afraid of scorpions. cracked occasionally has awesome content, like this "6 insane discoveries science can't explain". finally some potential justice for this weird tale of geronimo's bones. and of course, drunk pigs.

VIDEO: steal video off youtube with pwnyoutube. and here is great darbouka playing, great mouth playing and great editing... triple great!


a new look...

>> Sunday, February 22, 2009

changed blog design... anyone hate it? our new spokesperson is below...


getting around to the obvious...

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

often i don't see movies or read books that i assume to deliver a message that i already agree with. this was the case with the film "milk"... it tells the tale of the first gay elected official and human rights activist harvey milk... i was already familiar with the story, thanks mostly to a great jello biafra spoken word piece on "i blow minds for a living". i'm a big advocate of gay rights, so i thought... "why bother?" but it was so much more. life. liberty. riots.

great flick.
download it.
watch it.

the documentary "the times of harvey milk" is supposed to be awesome, too...


art & music (of a certain style)

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

the music on basic_sounds tends towards a minimal electronic raster-noton aesthetic, and the art towards pictures of people with things covering their faces... but there are exceptions to both. beautiful blog, even if i kind of don't like most of the art or the music.


happy valentines day

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009



high water, low brow

the watermark project from the beautiful and detailed bldgblog... if global warming continues, water levels will rise... but, how high? the answer is projected on buildings, and detailed on the website of this art project.

for unintelligent commentary on global warming, witness...

i'd love to see his broadway show...


a revolutionary dub warrior in a state of evolution

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lots of huge millstones grinding. BIG new mix in the works... going well so far. immense music archives located, many gemstones within... art shows, club nights, full moons, dinner parties, love nests, business dealings, spiritual scholarship, foolish wanderings and disciplined organization.

it's a process...

(mp3)eskmo - "process" from "willow grail e.p."


thanks to dave mckelvey 2...

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

live mpc shit...

more live mpc shit here

radical french street musicians:

crazy live jungle drumming...

earlier... (also from dave...)
thanks dave!!!


"a bit complex at times"

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

my life right now is kind of like trying to play this piece of music...

but i'll get back to blogging soon... i should be able to put out a large post tommorow night after working on my new mix...


global beat heat - UPDATED

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

global beats went awesomely.

hands-in-the-air international dance.

i'm planning on posting my mix order soon.

so check back in soon.. this post will be updated.


here's the playlist's for my three sets... the order isn't perfectly exact, but it's the best i can reconstruct...

chiller opening set:

1. unknown sufi musician - "müstear ("borrowed")"
2. fnaïre - "sadats (cheb-i-sabbah remix)" - thank you carlos
3. wary - "sallama" - thank you jace
4. talvin singh - "amar heavy intro"
5. unknown african musician - "anklung"
6. punjabi mc - "ghalla gurian"
7. dj vadim - "they say (feat. diane)"
8. mihalis safras - "interamerica"
9. beat pharmacy - "wata (feat. mutabaraka)"
10. king midas sound - "lost (flying lotus remix)" - thank you nori
11. f - "phantom" - thank you nori
12. lv - "takeover (dub)"
13. loefah - "jungle infiltrator"
14. shackleton - "you bring me down (peverelist remix)"
15. subswara - "alabaster dub"
16. skream and cluekid - "sandsnake"
17. omar souleyman - "atabat"

burner peaktime set:

1. radioclit/fischerspooner - "africa emerge (diplo mix)"
2. buraka som sistema - "new africas pt. 1"
3. buraka som sistema - "new africas pt. 2"
4. antiserum and ripple - "sound biz"
5. mundo - "monterrey"
6. mundo - "come to me"
7. hossam ramzy - "khusara khusara"
8. omar souleyman - "leh jani (when i found out)"
9. horsepower productions - "sholay"
10. dj q - dutty wine remix (rubidan the heatwave walk and wine vocals mix)
11. nancy ajram - "ah w noss" - thanks carlos
12. dj cheeksta and sizzla - "baby (t2 remix)"
13. jackinori - "get ill"
14. illgates - "sweatshop (antiserum remix)"
15. punjabi mc - "main hogaya sharabbi"
16. balkan beat box - "bbbeat"
17. mokobe ft. mohammed lamine and mory kanté - "african tonik"
18. 113, magic system & mohamed lamine - "un gaou a oran"
19. deise tigrona - "injeção" - thanks palmsout sounds
20. balkan beat box - "unknown track 02"
21. mohammed reza mortazavi - "track 01" - thanks welove-music
22. afasi and filthy - opp a hopp ft. onki p
23. buraka som sistema/lil wayne - "um milhao (diplo mix)"
24. grain - "unknown (fat cat records 17 - a1)
25. nero - "night thunder" - thanks nori
26. modeselektor - "let your love grow (feat. paul st. hillaire)"
27. harmonic 313 - "dirtbox"
28. el vendeor - "makina del karibe" - thanks jace

unexpected late night wrap-up set:

1. roomate & moksha - "one direction"
2. rodrigo y gabriela - "diablo rojo"
3. christy azuma and uppers international - "naam"
4. flying lotus - "melt"
5. faudel - "n' sel fik"
6. fliastine - "autology"
7. venetian snares - "szamár madár"
8. manitoba - "webers"
9. dick dale & his deltones - "misirlou"
10. animal collective - "my girls" - thanks nori
11. hossam ramzy - "ghareeb (how odd)"
12. diefenbach - "up to your neck (2000f remix)"
13. deadbeat - "abu ghriab"

photo carla shot of me and ammar chillin' behind the booth...

overall the set was blast... i got a lot of good feedback from the people at the shadow lounge and ava lounge, one person wants me to do an after hours at our local bellydancehall, and another wants me to do some reggae mixes for group called "parties with a purpose". to get on the mailing list for my events in pittsburgh, my email is in the profile on the left.


got money? feed kids!

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