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industrial hemp

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

ever since listening to the erudite, funny and irreverant "grow more pot" by jello biafra, i've been a big advocate of industrial hemp. the more i learn about the specific uses of hemp, the more ludacris it's marginalization seems to me. the debate about the industrial (and medical) uses of marijuana/cannabis/hemp should supercede the debate over the psychoactive uses, in my opinion. the criminalization and over-regulation of the hemp industry is really stupid, and denies the world some truly excellent products. i shot these pictures in a hemp store in glastonbury, england. i wrote the captions underneath the photos so you don't have to click to read them.

"bast fibre - from the outer cortex of the stem are the strongest fibres in the plant kingdom, with a tensile strength 4 times greater than cotton. can be made into twine and rope, woven into fabric, made into fine quality papers (like bank notes) or used in insulating materials."

"hemp rope - did you know that henry VII passed laws making the cultivation of hemp mandatory for farmers? the hemp was used to make the rope, sailcloth and sailors uniforms needed for the royal navy which he set up."

"hemp hurds - from the inner stem very high in cellulose can be compressed into fibre board, mixed with lime and water to make 'hempcrete, pulped to make paper, processed into a wide range of plastics, or simply used as insulation or animal bedding."

"hempcrete brick - made from hemp hurds, lime and water. as it cures it draws carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and petrifies the cellulose into stone. within 50 years it is solid as rock. this building technique is at least 2000 years old."

"hemp plastic sandles - compressing hurds at very high pressures extracts the cellulose that can then be used to make a wide variety of plastics. did you know that henry ford built a hemp plastic car and feuled it on hemp ethanol?"

hemp composite chair - this was really strong and smooth to the touch. it would make a great desk...


Anonymous March 2, 2009 at 8:08 AM  

where's teh glastonbury in scotland?

james gyre March 2, 2009 at 1:46 PM  

you're so right. it's glastonbury england... i changed it. i was looking at a lot of photos from the british isles and my brain farted.

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