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feel good songs for tough times...

>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

from my buddy, laurie trok, comes this gentle banger from illa j, "it's all good" (dilla's brother... who knew? not me...). i've always loved squarepusher's "port rhombus"... it's the type of tight jungle track that makes me feel i have superpowers, but it's gentle and pretty enough my ("gentle and pretty stuff"-liking) mom likes it.

and i mashed the two together, because the breaks just lined up nice... it's a quick ableton job... full bleed, no eq, but it works... the tracks are seperate mediafire links...

(mp3) illa j - "it's all good"
(mp3) squarepusher - "port rhombus"
(mp3) Illa j/squarepusher - "it's all good/port rhombus"

illa j track from "yancey boys"
squarepusher track from "big loada"
illa j/squarepusher image by yours truly.


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