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dubstep triumphant!

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

the original (which used different genres) from punditkitchen.com

bust out some speakers with bass response... some real boomin scorchers here, folks. dubstep continues to expand itself... not satisfied with absorbing most genres, it wants them all (but seriously... that joker tune with ben blackmore is basically a country dub... and it works!) NOTE: and as an added bonus, all these tracks are 320kbps for all you quality snobs... (so just click on any track to link to the .zip archive on media fire with all the tracks...)

(mp3) eskmo - "san francisco (The Rhythm)" from "hypercolor ep" this track takes a real glitchy organic halfstep funk sound, reminiscent of tipper, vibesquad and matthew herbert's dr. rockit of all things... super prodcution, great slow grinder to mix up the pounding shit...

(mp3) helixir - "capioera dub" from "the french connection" super funky dubstep tune that is exactly what it calls itself. capioera music in the form of berimbau and other percussion samples. add warm, phat roller bass and you've got a beautiful summer tune. i'm playing it may 1st!

(mp3) starkey - "creature" from forthcoming planet mu 12" this is a beautiful tune. in fact it almost brought one of my friends to tears. a heavy, wonky head-nodder in the style of rustie (and starkey of course!)... stepping, sliding, tweaked synths with beautiful spaces throughout. i'd play it at the end of a triumphant set. just beautiful, starkey... and i'll take this down if you ask... no problem.

(mp3) eleven8 - "chin up" from "this is risk ep" HUJE CHUNE HERE. big fucking wobbler. no offense to all the other loud bass wankers out there (caspa, rusko, bar 9, 16 bit, stenchman, chase & status, reso, etc...), but eleven8 has more melody and style packed into these basslines than anyone yet from dubstep. my only complaint is the treble isn't quite as hot as the bass... but cheers, mate!

(mp3) charlie p - "it's so crazy" feat. karma (original mix) from "it's so crazy" this song is clubstep, and i mean that in a very complimentary way... this tune has all kinds of beautiful stages and development... it maybe doesn't get quite as twisted as i want it, but that's what makes it such a crowd pleaser. lots of warm solid sub hum and pretty chopped up vocals saying "it's so crazY"...

(mp3) dreadfoxx - "pump up the volume" (remix) from "6 million ways ep" i kind of tossed this on as a bit of a throwaway, but i keep wanting to play this tune. screechy midrange whines, decent bass, silly scratches, bad vocal samples ("mars needs women") but somehow feels like a new and important addition to the dubstep range. i'd love to hear a tune in this vein done by dj craze...

(mp3) jamie vex'd - "in system travel" from "in system travel ep" this tune is real dusty, subtley glitchy, slow and gorgeous. dubstep only by a thread... owes a debt to flying lotus, atom™ and luomo. grainy, pretty, and nice enough to start the night with (as long as the night also starts with sensuous beverages in a candle-lit speakeasy...


carlos April 27, 2009 at 3:27 PM  

Killer set of tunes, James. I'm especially digging "It's So Crazy". Thanks for these!

james gyre April 27, 2009 at 10:40 PM  

glad you approve carlos...

my buddy conway upped the "it's so crazy" track to torrentech... great fidget house & dubstep deejay...

Anonymous April 29, 2009 at 4:01 AM  

THIS IS A RIDICULOUSLY INSANE POST!definitely the most comprehensively obscene variation of dubstep i have ever seen on the internet -andthat starrkey tune is just ridiculous!!!WOWZ THANK YOU!!

james gyre April 29, 2009 at 8:10 AM  

thanks wizards... it's an ongoing series... here are:
part 2part 1

Khiasma / Guillaume May 4, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

Thanks for this man!

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