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the bird of babylon

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

i've been working on a sculpture with laurie trok for the visionary arts festival i call the "bird of babylon". it's made entirely out of discarded materials... the bulk of which comes from a disgusting landfill in the allegheny cemetary... wire flower tripods for armature, fake flower stem wire for connective tissues, sun-bleached fake flower petals for feathers... an old boot, crushed lighters and other plastic crap for beak and other anatomical details. just two days ago we finished the under-structure...

...and designed the method we'll use to feather the bird... they're glued down for now on strips of fabric, but we'll sew them in strips and lay them over each other to create the illusion of wings... it's a lousy photo and only covers two strips, but we've got lots of colors of leaves and petals to repurpose...
we've done a prototype for the head which will likely be dis- and re- assembled with less junk... and a terrifying beak!
there are several esoteric aspects of this piece that aren't visible here and i won't reveal yet... but it's more than trash into treasure!


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