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two dubstep mixes...

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the first mix is called "dubstep a to z". it's a simple and quick concept mix... a challenge to my flexibility. each artists name starts with a, b, c, d, etc... in order. certain songs were picked for me because i only had 1 "x" artist and 1 "y" artist... other letters i had limited choices so i had to build the mix based on what worked for what was there. it's a pretty chill dubstep mix... not a lot of pummeling... i wouldn't exactly call it ambient, but it's percussive, textural and skankin'. i'll definitely do more of these if i could find some more "x" and "y" artists!

26 tracks. 55 minutes.
the track list is as follows:

Aardvarck - "untitled"

Boxcutter - "rusty break"

Coki - "all of a sudden"

Disrupt - "true creators"

Eleven8 - "static (promo mix)"

F - "phantom"

Giant - "rain mind"

Hurtdeer - "vasopressin"

Indigo - "cosmos"

Jack sparrow - "the chase"

Kromestar - "my sound"

L-wiz - "prayer room"

Martyn - "natural selection"

Nokea - "cassava"

Overcast radio - "vendetta"

Pangea - "bear witness"

Quest - "deep inside"

Ramadanman - "revenue"

Shackleton - "el din (pt. 2)"

Truth - "revelation"

Untold - "discipline"

Vibesquad - "clowncollege"

Wiley - "ground zero (devil's mix)"

XI - "distress signal"

Youthman - "bombs over baghdad"

Zomby - "strange fruit"

the second mix is called "pummeled". this mix is short, dirty and VERY heavy. full contact bass-sauce mixed high and noisy... some of the blends are a little sloppy and or adventurous, but i think it fits the style... this mix was an outlet for my interest in more aggressive sounds that are absent from the a-z mix. i tried to capture the essence of a small but dedicated dancefloor of dubstep fiends... sweaty, raucous and LOUD. not for the faint-hearted... especially the end!

13 tracks. 21 minutes.
tracklist is as follows:

kromestar vs. hatcha - "twin towers"

the widdler - "froggy style"

ultrablack - "you need jesus"

guns n' bombs - "riddle of steel" (12th planet & teaLong remix)

max ulis - "soundkilla"

ganja white night - "strawberry cough"

borgore - "guided relaxation dub" (edit)

noah d & babylon system - "examination of time" (VIP mix)

distance vs. benga - "chokehold"

16 bit - "texaco"

bar 9 - "murda sound" (VIP mix)

reso - "beasts in the basement"

nero - "end of the world"

NOTE: none of these mixes contain any of the tracks on "tower of babel" which is my dubstep inspired opus mix... that mix wont progress until i work out some bugs with my ableton setup. but some day! in the meantime i hope you enjoy these mixes, and let me know what you think about them.... and come see me play records!


carlos September 21, 2009 at 4:36 PM  

Extremely good mixes here. I'm especially feeling A to Z, maybe because autumn's starting all rainy here in BCN. That you can make such a rigid premise sound so smoove, in general, is righteous.

jeff m. September 21, 2009 at 11:26 PM  

yeah the A to Z one is strong. i actually really like the idea of a mix where the main theme is the metadata... don't think i've seen that done before. the other is on the download. good look james.

James Gyre September 27, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

glad you both like em... i'm a bigger fan of a to z, myself... left me a bit drained for pummeled. i also just don't care quite as much about music that's that heavy... so i'm less concerned when mixing it.

and jeff, i'm with you on the metadata mix method... i think it's a ripe idea in general... i'm def. obsessed when making mixes as to what the playlist will look like, almost as much as how it will sound. it's a bit OCD, but i think there's something to that ephemera surrounding music... the artist's titles are part of the art. so in the mix they read like a poem...

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