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MOAR juke (UPDATED with mp3s!)

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i kind of can't get enough of juke. i'm playing a lot of other music right now, but what i want to listen to is juke.

i've been mining this stuff for a while and it's amazing... particularly the footworking stuff (the more abstract sub-laden tunes for the dancers more than the run-of-the-mill booty house tunes). it can be abrasive at times, but having seen it go down live i love the energy and i think the style is worth trying to appreciate... it could be compared to bmore club stuff, and has isn't that far off the more hyper dubstep tunes... but it's nearly 20 years old... and has a whole culture of dancing.

o.k. so... some links...

if you know nothing about juke watch this first... this track like many juke tracks features a short vocal sample cut and pasted into a main instrument sound (in this case, bob marley...)

pretty good juke/footworking mix (by µ-ziq!) - (don't bother if you don't have serious woofers hooked up. the bass in this shit is LOW LOW LOW...

via jeff macarthur, an endless thread on the style HERE - (quality videos, links to individual producers, etc...)

a very popular juke video compilation (which i've already posted in my big dance video post...) -

a good juke dancing battle... 1:15 is AMAZING -

chicago reader article (with some video and beautiful photos, including the one above...)


AMAZINGLY informative Dave Quam article on juke... (his blog is good, too...)

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn drop a mix for XLR8R & a mix for Fact Magazine.

dj rupture wrote a short post on juke, but more importantly upped THIS.

also... i packed up a few mp3s i found... mostly weirder footwork tracks... & not the straight juke stuff. the tunes are:

DJ NATE - "back up kid", "my heart" & "3peat"
DJ RASHAD - "teknitian" & "In Da Club Before Eleven O' Clock"
DJ ELMOE - "Where yo ghost at, Where yo dead man"
& a bonus Kill Frenzy remix that appeared on Kingdom's mix for low end spasm that has some juke vibes to it.


feel free to send me more info, and more tracks! always down for more juke heat.


where you at?

>> Saturday, August 21, 2010

blogging has been nearly impossible, but the basic situation is thus... things are great. laura and i just celebrated 8 years of being together. she has a new log up documenting our son's days. i keep doing deejay events, and the world keeps turning. i use facebook for most of my link-posting and hopefully some day i'll blog here again more often. there's still great music i'm working with, but it's best heard live. peace, all!


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