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These are our weapons!

>> Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yesterday in Madrid 500,000 people took to the streets in protest. Here is a video of a full orchestra playing Betthoven's "Ode to Joy" live at the protest. The chants they say at the end translate to "These are our weapons! These are our weapons!" Un. Real. :)



STOP BICKERING, PLEASE! (for a while...)

>> Friday, October 14, 2011

a note to the Occupy Wall Street Movement, specifically written for the Pittsburgh contingent.

I have a theory.

1. The real power of this movement is the coming together of an incredible diverse body of people. Among the occupy movement are many races, classes, political ideologies & belief systems.

2. We all agree that the current state of the world is, *ahem*, fucked. We have a laundry list of issues that most people agree are a problem... wide income disparity, corporate influence in elections, dysfunctional health care, multiple wars, etc...

3. While we can generally agree on what we're up against (what we don't like), it's a much more complex process to decide what to do to fix it. It's hard to be pro-active and constructive because there are as many opinions on what to do as there are members of the movement.

4. However, there is something we can do to make this process easier. Stop bickering... for a while. Let's be constructive in discussions about our personal politics, religion, philosophy or tactical desires. Rather than engaging in conflict over minutiae, focus on helping others to understand the questions. By all means don't be silenced, speak up if you see injustice. Just ask yourself if the world you want to live in requires everyone to agree with you on that one point. If not, maybe it can wait.

5. Instead, let us just occupy this space and time together. Let us work side by side. Let us continue to find consensus on issues we agree about. Let us do the obvious work to build a movement in solidarity with others around the country & the world.

6. While we co-exist, let us strive to increase our understanding of each other. Let us learn what each other's "language". Until you've spent significant time working with an anarchist or a libertarian or a conservative or a liberal, you will not understand what their real beliefs are (or what the ongoing debates are in that unique culture). Let us increase our literacy of each other while we invest in each others' futures together.

7. From this position of greater understanding and compassion, from a well-researched place where we understand the real differences we have, not just assumptions and inaccuracies, we will have our best opportunity to work through them. every day we spend working together will increase our respect for each other, will increase our desire for peace.

8. So some people think we need to reform the system, some people think we need to start over. Some people think we need to focus on monetary policy, others on education. Some people think we need to get involved with elections, other think we only need each other. But here's the thing. We're not there yet. What we should do in the future will be determined by what we do now and in the coming weeks. There is no "post-revolution" to plan for... it's a process, and should remain reflexive to the reality we wake up to every day.

by all means, start these discussions now, with each other. if possible, have them over coffee face to face. have them at the occupation, as you huddle to keep warm. remember that great ideas will come from everywhere, and together we will watch our goals come into view, informed by a deeper comprehension, shared context & common dreams.

it is not a sign of weakness to change your mind. so take some time, learn about each other from each other... and occupy! focus on the task ITSELF. occupy! the space ITSELF is a good enough goal for now. the time ITSELF we spend together is beautiful. occupy! learn! grow! together!


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