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>> Wednesday, March 5, 2008

so what in all creation is a "veiled gazelle"?

well, a (translation of a) poem by ibn arabi says...

"and among the wondrous things is a veiled gazelle:
a divine subtlety, veiled by a state of the self,
referring to the states of those who know.
unable to explain their perceptions to others,
they can only indicate them symbolically
to those who have begun to experience the like ..."

so it could be said that a "veiled gazelle" is
an intuitive non-thing, basically inexpressible...
yet can maybe be indicated to another through
symbolic gesture, but only with common "ground."

why is this blog called "that veiled gazelle..."?

well, my first post (february 11th 2008) says:

"...i hope to provide the best of what i find on
the internets and the interworlds here,
to aid you all in wasting less time,
both on- and off-line.
i get really inspired from a real stretch of content,
so i won't pigeon-hole this blog
one way or another.

so, the "non-pigeon-holed" content of this blog,
at first appearing merely scattered and unrelated,
collectively gestures towards "that veiled gazelle..."
if reality is a1000-faceted diamond, these are faces...

so what makes your facets any better than mine?

nothing. the internet's diversity should increase.
if even one post affects you, that is beautiful.
feel free to comment, good or bad, and i'll change.
i've begun to court other authors too...

i'm convinced that we all share a love supreme,
but even i get elitist and skeptical of others.
this effort is as much for me to be changed by
public opinion as my efforts to shape the like.

and what is that image at the top of this post?

that is a piece of digital calligraphy by laura gyre
superimposed over an ancient pattern i copied.
the calligraphy is arabic/farsi, it says "ghzl"
here follows a nice piece of synchronicity:

during a shamanic trance i saw a horned animal
i knew it was a beneficial vision, there to aid me.
i was uncertain of the species until reading arabi...

i told laura i was sure the animal was a gazelle.

sufis often use a weird word in poetry because
it shares a linguistic root with other concepts,
so laura suggested we look up gazelle in arabic
and see what other words have the root, "ghzl"

they were aligned with our work (and our name):

spinner of yarn (we spread tales, sufi means wool)
spinning (we named ourselves "gyre" for a reason)
love (the greatest force in the universe, bonding us)


http://shizukoreiko.wordpress.com March 7, 2008 at 4:06 PM  

sinchronicity works

james gyre... March 7, 2008 at 6:43 PM  

when we honor the flow of synchronicity,
the flow of synchronicity honors us...

Anonymous December 28, 2008 at 10:03 PM  

The Police rock!

got money? feed kids!

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