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>> Monday, February 11, 2008

i'm a big fan of music that crosses into new territory between styles. "bassline", for example is a mostly british style that combines grime vocals, dubstep bass and house tempos. "dubstep" it self owes debts to dub reggae, drum n bass, two-step garage and hip hop.

this track is from blockhead is a mixture of styles and represents a divergence from his typically hip hop oriented instrumentals to a more dancey, house-like effect. nice use of very diverse samples, including soul singing, indian vocal raga, deft strings and a child's workout record.

(mp3) blockhead - cheer up, you're not dead yet (from uncle tony's coloring book)

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


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