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5 songs 5 decades - random edition

>> Thursday, March 13, 2008

the 60's - (mp3) the beach boys - "hang on to your ego"
recorded for pet sounds, changed to "i know there's an answer" due to controversy about brian wilson's l.s.d. use.

not the absolute grooviest beach boys tune, which would have to be "good vibrations", but a nice send up of the hippies AND their critics with great harmonies as always.

notable lyric: "i know so many people who think they can do it alone, they isolate their heads and stay in their safety zones"

the 70's - (mp3) betty davis - "gettin kicked off, havin fun"
from "nasty gal" & "this is it"

this IS the grooviest betty davis tune (in my opinion), shows both awesome sides of her vocal sound... lots of the silky luciousness and touches of the growling grit... and great work from her ex-sly stone/ex-santana backup band. she recently gave her first radio interview in thirty years.

notable lyric: "do you use a napkin at the dinner table?"

the 80's - (mp3) l'trimm - "we like the cars that go boom"
i don't know anything about the origin of this tune, i just found this because it was mislabeled le tigre. it's got a dope miami bass beat though, and some nice cornball lyrics about car stereos... the video is so goofy.

notable lyric - "he was obviously hooking up bass, i assume"

the 90's - (mp3) beck - "milk & honey"
from "midnite vultures"

i get a bit concerned when i think about beck being a scientologist, although he makes some nice claims about it, but this is also one of the most elaborate, diverse, genre-smashing beck tracks. disco, rock, slow folk, electronics, all mixed up.

this song features a sample from buzz clifford's "i see i am" from his "see your way clear album (which i would love to find btw, if you have a lead, let me know...)

the 00's - (mp3) filastine - "autology"
from "burn it"

filastine was a member of the infernal noise brigade, a protest marching band and an interesting cross point of current music ideas. his whole idea is bringing the streets into the club, and the club into the streets.

the album this comes from is beautiful, hard to define, strangely ancient, but definitely new... just like this track.

laura loves this one too.


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