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>> Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so that isn't really a gazelle, it's an antelope (a kudu bull to be specific). as far as i can tell, all gazelles are antelopes (bovidae), but not all antelopes are gazelles. it's also not veiled, per se, it just goes off the edge... peering over with knowing eyes... the face is really quite serene in the original, but the title dictated the crop.

the font is the unfortunately named "bleeding cowboys". it's free from dafont.com, which has TONS of other free fonts, some of which are quite spectacular. i think the G is beautiful and it's cool how the two Ts in "that" look like two horns.

the geometry is based on the dodecahedron, of which one view can be constructed from a pentagon fairly easily. there is a fairly thorough breakdown of the mystical significance of the dodecahedron, five-sided symmetry, and basic sacred geometry here.

i used the dodecahedron because i often describe my various interests as "various sides of the dodecahedron of existence"... which isn't to say that reality is twelve-sided specifically (although hemoglobin and chlorophyll are), but just many sided, and one must observe the facets to begin to understand the core.


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