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erykah badu and alex grey?

>> Tuesday, March 4, 2008

but it's real!

erykah badu premiered her new album at the chapel of sacred mirrors, the entheocentric psychospiritual museum in chelsea, nyc of alex grey (and features some sweet works by allison grey too!) she's sitting above in front of "theologue", a huge painting on meditation by alex. i never would have guessed these two were aware of each other, but i am thrilled to find out they do... it seemed to be a good mix...

from the cosm blog:

"...she played the album to a packed house at cosm, then took questions of all kinds. one person asked her what her philosophy was and she stated that she considers herself "first a spiritual being, then a human being, then a woman, then a color, in that order." she spoke on how the kah and the ba in her name are specifically related to ancient egyptian words for the soul. the album is awesome..."

and it is... "new amerykah pt. 1 - 4th world war" highly recommended... i dug her early stuff, thought her next work fell off for a bit, liked a few things on the last album, but this one is solid. buy this one!

a track from it:

(mp3) erykah badu - "the healer" - it's a beautiful song, and a tribute to the late j dilla, too...


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