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the greatest ripoff in animation

>> Sunday, March 2, 2008

when it came out i loved disney's alladin.

that was because i didn't know how it stole SO MUCH from richard williams' "the thief and the cobbler," which in the best available form, "the re-cobbled cut" is way excellent.

there are hundreds of direct pieces of theft, including at least four identical characters (the sultan, princess yum-yum/jasmine, zig-zag the grand vizier/jafar the grand vizier each with a bird pet fido/iago... shown below is zig-zag and fido over jafar and iago:

there are scenes stolen (like a thief falling through laundry), stolen shots, gags and styles.

it's important to say here that the original movie as richard williams intended was never completed, but was released in butchered form by miramax as "arabian knight." the original original was a movie about nasruddin developed with idries shah & family, but after a falling out between williams and the shahs it became a thirty year odyssey of making "the thief & the cobbler." richard williams during the rift stated, "the many years work spent on painstaking research into the beauty of Oriental art has been retained." also, apparently, a lot of the original footage without nasrudin was re-used, including the character grand vizier.

the art in it is incredible. bear in mind that williams did the animation for roger rabbit, including the slapstick classic of the opening cartoon. "the thief & the cobbler" reads like a mix of silent movie (the two main characters don't have lines), monty python animations by terry gilliam, "oriental" art (particularly the style of persian miniatures) and psychedelic patterns all thrown together with incredible hand-drawn animation and 4-dimensional movement.

wonder - pure, visual, wonder.

here is a trailer for the re-cobbled cut:

the re-cobbled cut is available for purchase somewhere, a lot of it (if not all) is on youtube, and there is a legit free download through torrent discussed here.


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