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>> Friday, March 28, 2008

i remembered recently that at the people's strike back on september 27th, 2002, laura and i took part in some actions with POG and ended up as part of the 631 arrests (including tourists, office workers and legal observers... whoops!) at pershing park near freedom plaza in d.c. the photo above is from right before they swept in, whaled on us with batons and arrested us. it only shows one edge of the corral. the red arrow points to my peace sign (it was way back when i was a baldhead), the orange arrow points to laura's head. we also happen to be featured (cheek to cheek!) on the official site for the still-pending class action suit. each stage has been won by the people, so we might see some dough from this eventually.

it makes me wonder sometimes if street action is still where it's at. if you don't use rights, you lose them. not that anyone really has the authority to declare "rights" anyway, but that's a more complicated discussion.

this all came up in my subconscious because of this post on laura's blog about this post on patrice's, both about how we are five years into the re-escalation of the iraq war.


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