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sufi music - the modern and it's roots

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in honor of "that veiled gazelle..." getting props on dj rupture's blog (gush!)... i'm going to give props to that special kind of music we both seem to love... that new shit with an ear to the ancient... and the ancient itself... this time centered around sufi music.

first up is mercan dede... that's him above with a ney behind the d.j. booth. he sent a very beautiful reply to a praise letter once. some of his music could be described as "over-blown" or critically written off as "world music fusion", but i think he's on the right track generally... and he will drop the occasional jungle beat... he let's you listen to every track he's made on this site. the first track on the most recent album (800 - named for rumi's 800th year) has a dope (turkish?) rap at about 3 minutes in...

three dope tracks from three different albums:

(mp3) mercan dede - "semaname" - from "seyhatname"
(mp3) mercan dede - "dreams of sufi saints" - from "sufi dreams"
(mp3) mercan dede - "remember the loveliness" - from "journeys of a dervish"

my first dhafer youssef album was given to me by a totally insane irish guy in chefchaouen, morocco. dhafer is a good oud player who fucks with electronics. i don't like every track (there aren't many artists that i do) but there are some gems... like this track...

(mp3)dhafer youssef - "miel et cendres" from "divine shadows"

sussan deyhim is a wild singer. she did this cool album with cello and what-not that was remixed by bill laswell with drum work from glen velez and zakir hussain. my dad had it in his collection and had no idea where it came from... he doesn't usually go for anything like that... spooky. nice album, anyway... this is from it...

(mp3)sussan deyhim - "gereyley (nocturnal dialogue)" from "shy angels - madman of god"

now for the traditional wowness:

the best example of sufi trance musics i've found recorded (from this ellipsis arts disc) by the stupendous Sadreddin Özçimi (here's him making visual art in a weird way - anyone know anything about this technique?) and friends... it's an 30+ minute excerpt from a longer piece. eat some nepalese bliss (or get a massage) and chill out for a bit...

(mp3) sufi dervish rite, "perde kaldirma"

here is some random sufi thing i found on the interwebs labeled persian tribal iranian sufi... some badass drum and dulcimer stuff with "allah... hum!" vocals...

(mp3)unknown persian sufi music

no collection of sufi music would be complete without some nusrat! i picked this one at random. he's got A LOT of recordings.

(mp3) nurat fateh ali khan - "mast nazron se" - from "the ultimate nusrat fateh ali khan collection pt. 2"

this is from boubacar diagne... super syncopated, phasing, drumming from a seventh generation senegalese drummer of the qadiriya order of sufi's.

(mp3) boubacar diagne - "dembe" from "tabala woof - sufi drumming of senegal"

this last one is important in that it is a certain link between these realms... the master musicians of jajouka are important because they turned on borroughs and bowles and susequently the rest of the counter-culture to this music. there are two groups with this name (see the disambiguation at the top), i've heard recordings from both. they both sound similarly awesome, i forget which of the many discs of them (two?) i have (this is from, but it's a doozy. the drums sound flanged, but they aren't! (it's not the brian jones produced one, which features some subtle remixing...)

(mp3) master musicians of jajouka - unknown title

all this was inspired by the combination of styles that occurs in great music, in this case dj rupture. you can peep (for free!) his now legendary "gold teeth thief" mix or better yet buy his more recent (and better in my opinion) "minesweeper suite" mix. laura and i bumped it non stop in 2003 (and still play it).

remember to support the artists if you can afford it (most who buy internet access can...) and spread the love to all... thanks for reading (and listening!)


Richard S, April 8, 2008 at 3:34 AM  

Hey, good post, lots of good stuff here... I actually have a few of these artists in my purchased CD collection - which isn't even very big. I was listening to Minesweeper Suite a whole lot about a year and a half ago...

And, I have to say, it's nice especially to see someone posting about Sussan Deyhim!

I'm adding you to the blogroll of my music blog, linked from this comment.

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