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huge may day post

>> Thursday, May 1, 2008

it's mayday. (link to funny part of the may day wiki!)
may 1st is famous for being a pagan and labor holiday.

from a labor perspective, may day is a chance to fight for the rights of workers... let's not forget that the workers in this country are still getting fucked over at every chance, even by democrats. on the republican side both bush and mccain are ignorant (willfuly or otherwise) of the facts. remember that this is the government that bailed out the big boys like bear stearns with $30billion and left the forclosed homeowners out to dry with $0... i thought hard-line capitalists didn't interfere with the magic "market forces", i guess they changed the motto to "survival of the fittest and unfit corporations as needed" at the last lobbyist meeting. BTW, mccain is full of shit. don't believe the hype.

from a pagan perspective, may day was often associated with the fertility of the land (and the humans), so you could celebrate by planting some seeds or conceiving a child! if you aren't feeling like fatherhood (or motherhood as the case may be), you could vicariously enjoy young'uns by downloading the most recent .zip file of photos of my darling baby, river.

if you can't find awesome events like the ones listed on this page, can't learn some history like this .pdf booklet put together by anarchists, make some art/music or anything that appeals to your sense of freedom.


got money? feed kids!

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