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overcast radio and the passing of a titan

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the great teo macero has died. he was unarguably one of the first remixers. from the new york times obituary...

"Helping to build Miles Davis albums like “Bitches Brew,” “In a Silent Way” and “Get Up With It,” Mr. Macero (pronounced TEE-oh mah-SEH-roh) used techniques partly inspired by composers like Edgard Varèse, who had been using tape-editing and electronic effects to help shape the music. Such techniques were then new to jazz and have largely remained separate from it since. But the electric-jazz albums he helped Davis create — especially “Bitches Brew,” which remains one of the best-selling albums by a jazz artist — have deeper echoes in almost 40 years of experimental pop, like work by Can, Brian Eno and Radiohead."

get up with it is my favorite miles davis album... an amazing compilation of work from 1971-1974 (the last released before his 6 year sobering-up/retirement)... spectacular work, that wouldn't be as awesome without teo's touch...

i found out about this passing from overcast radio's myspace page. overcast radio is chris jones, and his track below is a funky bass-filed banger... he sites miles as a major influence, and i can hear it in the wahs... direct link, so you can save as...

(mp3) overcast radio - "honky paradise"

i don't think you can buy his music yet, but i sent him a note, and i'll update when i know.


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