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wacky facts i learned about my father's family...

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

1. my great aunt adelaide stole a beautiful pitcher from the ruins of pompei, and it's still in the family (pictures someday).

2. eve ensler, creator of the vagina monolgues, was fired from her high school cheerleading squad by my stepmother.

3. we're related to john adams, william penn and abraham lincoln.

and as an aside...

people are uniformed about politics. everywhere. even smart folks like my father and aunt. i have a lot of free time compared to most people and even i barely have time to do any in depth research into policy issues, global news or do some fact-checking. it makes for emotional decision making based on faulty assumptions. i'm down with emotional decision-making, just fuel it with some truth. anyway, the onion takes on those who are willfuly ignorant of electoral politics (unlike my father, who is merely partially and unintentionally ignorant).


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