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great threads pt. 1

>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

"i feel like i just kicked a hive of super-intelligent bees"

that's a quote from matt shadetek, who recently cause a lot of brilliant dialogue here (but mostly here) with his post "babel dancing in tongues" about cultural appropriation as potentially exploitative "tourism." i think overall the thread (particularly the dutty artz link) was really quite civil and thought-provoking. it sort of follows in the vein of "cotorro, sexo y mambo" on dutty artz and "rearguard opinion? (slackness b/w sexism & sexuality)" on wayne & wax .

also notable to me recently was the immense (1800+ comments!) debate over at boingboing.net following their removal of their posts mentioning violet blue.

also, don't miss "anarchism, mysticism & anemnesis" over at the absent narrative. so far the discussion is only me, laura and tait, but you can't beat the topic... the zines linked to (anemnesis 1 & 2) are worth the click on their own.


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