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obama/ludacris ticket? (+nas!)

>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's hilarious there is even any kind of debate about this. hilary clinton's finance chair yashar hedayat said "I hope Senator Obama has the presence of mind to denounce and distance himself from Ludacris." of course, he did, sort of, but in a really subtle way that also denounced ludacris's criticisms of jesse jackson, john mccain and president bush. obama's campaign quote here and song lyrics here. i think it's great, if stereotypically rude/gruff...

while we're on it, here's a video for nas's black president. it's a good tune, with balance. he questions whether obama will really care after he gets elected, something a lot of "progressives" graple with in their support of obama. nas got some very mainstream news coverage recently for his calling out fox "news" racist attacks on the obama family. he was even on the colbert report with over 600,000 signatures from colorofchange.org:

UPDATE: i uploaded the nas song here for an mp3 copy...


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