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"you're on cctv!"

>> Wednesday, August 13, 2008

l.v. & dandelion (above) created a beautiful tune. "cctv" is an orwellian roots tune atop a hotsteppin' dub bass cluster. mining deep the tubby playbook with some burial updates the beat is a mover for sure and the harmonic pondering of dandelion is loaded with lovely bytes... "i'm gonna fight you with my heart and soul," "give a smile to the authority!"... surely this distopian vision has been moved by britain's obnoxious surveillance, but it's not a mere message tune... give it a listen. UPDATE:removed after a very kind note from LV... check their myspace pages for the track (links above off their names)

(mp3) l.v. & dandelion - "cctv" from hyperdub011(buy it link)


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