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playa del fuego report back

>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

DJing is one of the most spectacular privileges. having a few thousand watts of sound at your disposal at a burning man event is even better. what a good time. frankly, PDF wasn't as overall beautiful as wickerman was, but great music and great people. i really love my party liberation front people and we combined camps with the philadelphia experiment people, who were quite cool, too... and plf's covered wagon dj booth (which you can see part of the inside of above) is totally, unstoppably awesome.

i spun tons of dubstep, ghettotech, grime, dancehall, tabla music, etc... some of the big hits of my sets are here:

this track crushed my dubstep finale:
(mp3)emalkay - "overflow" from boka records

this track was perfect sunshine music:
(mp3)zakir hussain - "lineage" from "zakir hussain and the rhythm experience"

this was another hot sunshine track, though i played just the part of it in dj c's mix: (mp3)m.i.a. - "paper planes (rock city obama version)" from mashit.com's awesome collection of "paper planes" remixes

and i'm embarassed to admit gucci mane's "pillz" was probably the biggest hit... but most of my pulls were a lot less offensive.

UPDATE: courtesy of (the ableton don) michael nighttime, here's an exterior shot of the covered wagon dj booth, our shade, bar and dome in the background...


John October 17, 2008 at 2:56 AM  

Much Love James....

You are a Amazing Human Being, and I loved being able to be around you again. Having you there to bring your unique style (flat out brilliant) and diverse love of music, helped make this event better for me. I only wish there would have been more woods to explore and a lovely stream near by... but alas I was lucky to have the wonderful people around to share with...

Take care, and see you ... hopefully soon...

John Reinhold

james gyre... October 17, 2008 at 10:18 AM  

thanks john..

there surely will be more.
more woods, more music.
more, well, you know!

your bounce has gotten harder, for sure... in fact, laura said your set friday night was the highlight musically for her. i only caught the beginning of that, but your daytime set before you left sunday was awesome...

we probably wont see each other before wickerman (if they have it?), but i'm interested in makign an event awesome enough to lure PLF and PEX to pittsburgh... we'll see.

and eventually we'll get down to richmond. it's too cold (and we're too poor) to go to your burn this year, but maybe a spring one...

got money? feed kids!

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