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>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

starkey. dude has a serious gift. hailing from philly, and feeling a real hip hop, grime and bassline house edge to dubstep, he's got a mix of "street bass" that earned him a spot in generation bass (chosen by vex'd... download the whole special here.)

i've always loved this remix track of his. it takes a kind of wack lupe fiasco tune and makes an epic banger out of it...

(mp3)lupe fiasco - "kick push" starkey street bass remix

his new album dropping on my birthday (november 10th) is called ephemeral exhibits. i ripped the mp3 samples off this site and compiled them into a convenient .zip file. for the record, the cd is on planet mu, one of my favorite labels....

(.zip of mp3 samples)starkey - "ephemeral exhibits"

UPDATE: hint... if you are looking for the whole album, you should peep this post...

and here's a video of starkey tearing it up at generation bass with a little interview with mary anne hobbs.


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