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islam via omar mullick

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

a lovely flow of events occurred yesterday, and i'll share with you all the notes taken. i was chilling out in Jamil's yesterday, picking up some jamaican colors for reggae night, and a photographer from national geographic comes in. his name is Omar Mullick, and he's a sharp cookie... we talk about anarchism, pittsburgh, photography and eventually islam. he has a degree in philosophy, a three year old boy and a rebellious past, so we had enough common context and perspective that i found it possible to ask things about islam without fear of offending him... or getting a bullshit response. also, having studied in a madrassa in saudi arabia, with orthodox in yemen and mystic sheikhs in america, he's got some real knowledge to draw from. he had some very interesting takes on orthodox islam's opinions of women, homosexuality and strictness. for instance, he claimed shariah literally means "broad road"... implying a lot more breadth than it's current limited interpretation.

a number of little links came out of this.

he recommended the thomas cleary translation of the quran. (interview with cleary here). he also recommended the footnotes in the yusuf ali version... he suggested they were good for a loving but critical eye on the text. when i asked about if there was any missing gospel-like b.s. with the preservation of the quran, he suggested i watch something called "the preservation methodology" on youtube (but i can't find anything long enough to be what he was suggesting...) he most fervently suggested nuh keller's "becoming muslim", despite feeling like it's title only represents a small aspect of what the (short) essay covers... Omar holds the sheik's work in "unambiguous regard".

on non-islamic topics he recommended i watch performance for it's hassan-i-sabah references. hassan is famous for stuff he probably didn't say, but i'm down with the myth anyway. he's buddies with the brian jonestown massacre. he also hat-tipped sweet earth, a collection of photographs of intentional communities.

omar mullick's website (most of the work is 3+ years old) is here.

anyway... good day.


Anonymous July 4, 2009 at 3:55 AM  

omar is right, the shariah is not *a* set of rules. it has been interpreted differently throughout history: different times and places see different understandings of it. islam is much more pluralistic than people would have you understand.


Anonymous November 3, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

i know omar personally. he hasn't studied in saudi arabia or yemen, but he has been to a seminary in maryland where he didn't study sharia but quran memorization.

James Gyre November 3, 2009 at 10:52 PM  

to the anonymous commenter: omar read over this and corrected the errors he saw fit. i'm going to trust him here. if you know him, maybe you can have him email me the corrections.

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