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alternative energy: two gems

>> Thursday, February 28, 2008

we all know we need to switch up our energy consumption techniques, and we all know solar and wind power and buying less and driving less would help, but here are two less well known ideas i love.

two great ideas:

geo-thermal - it's a lot of heat under our feet, and the technology we use right now to get oil and gas can be re-purposed. it can happen even here there aren't big ass volcanos, too.

trash to energy - i don't know why this isn't bigger news. i've hounded boingboing to post it for hype purposes, but apparently not enough. this machine is incredible. it heats anything except radioactive waste (read: all trash) with plasma, creates more energy than is required to keep the machine running (not "free energy" because you have to keep feeding it trash), and transforms the entire mass into syngas, a useful fuel source, an obsidian-like glass substance, useful for ceramics, and the afore-mentioned energy. as far as i can tell, this isn't hokum, a lot of governments are investing. startech seems to be an interesting company, but with a terrible website. the stock stinks too, although maybe that's a good reason to buy it now. there was a large popular science article about it last year, but for some reason they are only showing part of it now, although there is a popsci podcast about it.


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