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bass pt. 2 - reggaetronic

>> Thursday, February 28, 2008

almost all music has some element of bass. classical music has it's "double" bass, tympanis, contra-bassoons and the like, rock has a bass guitar. but some people out there know what i'm reffering to when i talk about "bass music". in this continuing post series, i will showcase different styles that relate to bass music. in the last post i uploaded a "grime" track.

there are a few great emcees out there from reggae diaspora that have an interest in electronic production, like spaceape, mutabaraka, patrice, and one of my favorites, paul st. hilaire (a.k.a. "tikiman" which i just learned while writing this post... he's two of my favorites!). here is a track from paul st. hillaire, over a big, dramatic, "bass"-influenced techno track from the german group modeselektor.

(mp3) modeselektor (feat. paul st. hilaire) - "let your love grow (from "happy birthday")

i hope i never get in trouble for doing this. i'm interested only in promoting great music. buy the album if you can, it's great. if you are the artist, i'll happily remove this if it offends you.


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