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the hardest working blogger: whole albums pt. 2

>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

apparently there are others. i just hadn't found them yet. these people post SO much music. wow.

idm trade: intelligent dance music, that worrisome catch-all label for the hard-to-classify electronic music created in the last 15 years. this site has piles of it. a couple great features they have are a drop down menu (under the elephant) of artists, so you can see all the albums for each artist, a tag cloud of genres, and clear try it and buy it links. they post hard-to-find vinyl rips, brand new stuff and some classics. some of the albums i recommended earlier on my dubstep post are available there.

also a little honorable mention to the magic of juju. whoever runs this blog hasn't posted since december, but the music here is very hard-to-find and universally beautiful... great indian ragas ripped from old vinyl (complete with cover scans!), jamaican 7" dub collections and much more. an enticing collection of links, too... i'm sure more gold is through that door.


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