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8 songs, 1 spirit

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

these appear to be among my most listened to songs in itunes. i haven't always kept track, so i'm not sure how far back this is accurate (probably only a year or two) but i find a certain theme among them. i can't describe it, but perhaps you could hear it...

(mp3) the cocteau twins - "throughout the dark months of april and may" from "victorialand" i don't even listen to this group beyond this tune... several albums i heard bored me to tears. this song is a beauty though, even with the indecipherable lyrics...

(mp3) nass marrakech - "yo mala" from "sabil 'a salaam" my gangsta rapper friend digs this one. beautiful tune with unearthly (earthy?) percussion. very mellow, and drops in the krakeb after many minutes...

(mp3) burnt friedman & the nu dub players feat. patrice - "life is worth dying for"
from "can't cool" i can't sing the praise of this tune enough. if you only download two, this is one of them. the best track by burnt or patrice, and has a catastrophic bass drops each time before the chorus. absolutely tremendous production quality, relevant vocals, creative execution.

(mp3) dudley perkins - "falling" from "a lil' light" (produced by madlib) not really a rap tune, but then dudley is not really a rapper, he's more a poet, a singer, a prophet, a stoner. true words, dope beat.

(mp3) capleton - "stand tall"
from "more fire" i played this album like crazy up until i found out capleton was wicked homophobic... apparently i still play this track, and apparently capleton has signed some pledge to be nice to gays...

(mp3) donovan - "the river song" from "hurdy gurdy man" i'm a bit biased because my son's name is river, but i find this to be the best donovan tune, and quite beautiful. i like the way he says"over rock and stone"... it's cute, in a scottish sort of way...

(mp3) dj vadim feat. diane - "they say" from "the soundcatcher" cool housey tune with middle eastern percussion, indian vocal samples, and diane spitting some true shit.

(mp3) delroy wilson - "better must come" from "better must come" classic reggae tune. huge organs. great singing.

this next recording is beyond music:

it's spirit. please take the time to read the short bio here to understand what forward kwenda is doing in this piece. it was recorded in 1999 on a mountain top in a nature reserve of zimbabwe.

(mp3) forward kwenda - "23 minute excerpt from an mbira spirit ceremony - tadzungaira & gonamombe rerume" from "ellipsis arts - trance 3"

UPDATE: fixed broken link all tracks.


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