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>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this interview (from the intelligent, anarchist, infoshop news) with derrick jensen had some good chewables in it. he used the term "paper revolutionary" to describe himself and others, theorists, etc... i can't find any other uses of it on google, but it's a good term. i didn't finish "a language older than words" but it was a great mix of violent memoir, eco-critique and nature oddities. laura and i get a lot of use out of his ten rules of writing from "walking on water: reading, writing, and revolution". (which mumia abu-jamal calls "almost brutal in it's honesty) four of the rules are "don't bore the reader", but the one that sticks with me is "you want the reader to be thinking about what you want them thinking about and not what you don't want them thinking about" there is some grey area there, but i don't think jensen misses that...

this quote is from the interview: "I got interviewed for Green Anarchy a few years ago. And the way I started the interview they asked me if I’m a green anarchist and I said “you know? I don’t give a shit. If you want to call me that that’s great, but what I really care about is living in a world that has wild salmon, and living in a world that has no dioxin in a mothers breast milk, a world that has icecaps, whatever, and if that makes me a green anarchist, great, if it makes me not a green anarchist, great.” It’s the same with anarchism ... I have problems with labels anyway. I mean it took me years before I’d call myself a writer. People would say “what are you” and I’d say “I’m a person” and that felt really precious to me. So yeah, I’m a writer, I’m an anarchist, I’m an anarcho-primitivist, whatever you want to call me, whatever, but then I’m a capitalist for that matter; I mean I sell books, I have a little publishing company. So yeah I’m a capitalist and damn proud of it. Whatever."

jensen uses the same booking service as m1 from dead prez, the institute for applied autonomy and the beehive design collective, all of which deserve their own post some time...


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